Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Sock yarn, a finished item and a half done project

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I wanted to post, but my camera batteries were dead, even though they were in the charger which was plugged in. Weird. Next day it was gloomy so I figured one more day, then I can't remember what happened yesterday, but I'm here now :)

I received my gorgeous yarn from Yarn Chef:
The colorway is called "polyester suit". I had a difficult time picking out the yarn. Katy has so many beautiful colorways, but I settled for a more subdued color. Perfect for jeans...if it goes with jeans I'm good to go! The yarn came beautifully wrapped with a recipe and a stitch marker. My very first of this type of stitch marker and it's even color coordinated tp match my new yarn. I'll be so happy to knit with this yarn. It feels heavenly. Many thanks to Jeanne. Remember the contest I won by being her 2001st commenter? Such a nice gift from such my wonderful and generous knitting friend :)

Sunday I finished the baby blanket with time to spare.
The photo is horrible. Today it's pretty gloomy, but I had to get my post done. Here is a picture of it folded's a tiny bit better.
Currently I'm working on Kate's (my eldest, special girl) Christmas present. Gee, I sure hope she doesn't read my blog. I know my son does briefly. I'm sure she's too busy with school to be curious about my knitting. I have the first slipper (Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern) almost done.
Now all it need is to be sewn up. Then felted, but first I have to make it's mate. She LOVES fuzzy things, so we thought she would like the fun fur trim. After I finish the mate I swear I'll never knit with fun fur again!! I detest knitting with it. In the past I've made scarves, which was ok, but I have never had so much grief putting a little bit of a cuff on before. Never again! Good thing I love Kate or I would have aborted this idea :)

I have my yarn all bought and ready to knit three more pairs of slippers...all before Christmas...I think I can do it...I think I can :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knitting as fast as I can!

Here are the last two pairs of pocketbook slippers that I finished, before I started the knitted ripple baby blanket that I need to finish before December 8th. (Not a very good photo, but I hope to get a better once when I'm finished. I don't know why, but I always have trouble photographing blankets.)
I think I've made very good progress so far. Yesterday I knit right through my youngest son's first basketball game of the season and got quite a bit accomplished. Good thing he doesn't object to me knitting at his games :) I really don't think it will be a problem getting this completed on time. Once done then I have to get cracking and get going on my Christmas knitting!

Just in case you were afraid to knit up one of my plastic shopping bags because you didn't have enough bags, there is a solution. Check out this beautiful plastic shopping bag knitted with my pattern by Melissa.
Melissa got tired of waiting to save up enough Target bags to make one of my big knitted bags and improvised by using "Ruffies Color Scents" bags. She said, "they come on a roll and it only takes a fraction of a roll for the bag." They come is several colors and they are scented as well. Oh, the possibilities! I'm going to check out these bags when I shop this week. Very interesting. Bags made from new colored scented bags would make great gifts :)

Off and running because there is just too much to do. Hope you all have a good week and are very happily knitting away :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rude Awakening

Recently I took a detour to knit squares for the Pine Street Inn Knit-a-thon. Our church formed a team to knit squares, but I wasn't able to attend. You can read more about all that happend at this event on Major Knitter's Blog. Thank you Major Knitter for keeping us informed!
After I finished knitting the squares I immediately plunged into knitting pocketbook slippers...lots of pocketbook slippers. Last year I knit two pairs of these wonderful (and super easy pattern) for items to be sold in the "Kids Only Shopping" portion of our church's Holly Fair. They were hugely fact after the fair I had many people including adults asking me about the I thought I should make a bunch for this years fair, November 17th. I knew I waited too long to start, but it's not like my knitting needles have been idle at all at any time. Oh, well. Here I am knitting away and then I get an email from my sister-in-law the day before yesterday asking us to save the date for our family's holiday get-together December 8th which takes place in the western part of the state. Needless to say we don't visit them too often because it's a bit of a trip for us. At first it didn't register and then I got the horrors...the baby blanket for my husband's niece and godchild who's baby boy is due right after the holidays. I was supposed to have it ready to bring Christmas. Some how I have had it in my head that I still had plenty of time, but no not last night I cast on. Sure hope I can finish it by December 8th??? (I know there is always the mail as a last resort!)

I might not get too many more slippers done. I have one on the needles to take with me for a take-a-long project...maybe I can manage one more pair. Here are the slippers I have made so far:
How do you like my stripey ones? I took a chance and used two colors because I didn't think I'd have enough of the green yarn. My instincts were right and it was a wise decision. I don't think everyone will like them, but hopefully someone will!
Now I have to start taking deep breaths for I really know now that the holidays are soon upon us. Haven't even started my Christmas knitting (forget about Christmas shopping - what's that?). There might be a lot of IOU's this year :) Guess once the baby blanket is finished I'll have to make a list and prioritize. For now - I'm just going to try and not think about it...just keep my mind on happy knitting :)