Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ribs and Ripples

I think that the hardest part of writing this blog is coming up with catchy blog titles. Sure wish there was a blog title generator out there. Wouldn't that be cool?

First I'll show you some ribs. Hat ribs that is :)Here is my youngest who has kindly consented to model the hat I made for my oldest, who is away at graduate school. He bought a new jacket last weekend and needed a new hat. I made this one up really easily using odds and ends of yarn and Fig and Plum's Cashmere Ribbed Hat pattern. This is not a cashmere hat, but I really love how it worked up. I love the way the crown was designed.Would you believe I used seven double pointed needles?
I can really see myself making more of these knit in the round hats.
Next up, the ripple...a knitted ripple baby afghan:
I love this pattern, Knitted Ripple by Meredith Montross, and I love the yarn I used. The Bernat Softee Baby couldn't be any softer. It is a light weight blanket, but it's still quite cozy. This is not the first one I have made. Actually it's my fourth, if you consider the one I finished that my mother had started before she passed away. I have put that one away for my first grandchild, not in any hurry by the way. I think my mother would have liked that :)
I have a few other things on the needles. A prayer shawl to carry around with me as a waiting room project that's made with a new( to me) yarn. More on that later. I'm also knitting up more squares for this years Pine Street Inn's Knit-a-thon, which is called Purls for a Purpose. Once again our church is knitting them as a group. You may remember me knitting them last year. Sure seems like yesterday.

Last, but not least I have an update about the tiny socks that I knit for my sister's birthday. She loved them :) I was happy. She asked me if I would knit some adult sized socks for her. She heard from an "old timer" (her word) who told her that socks knitted from mohair never wear out. She will send me some 100% mohair , enough for a pair of socks for her and me :) She's proceesing the fiber now and getting it ready to spin. She said it takes many soakings and washings to get all the mud out. Sounds like yucky work. I'm feeling very lucky to get to knit the socks for her and get such a lovely bonus. I'll be sure and keep you updated :)

Well, this was a wordy post. See what happens when I've been quiet for a while ;)
Happy Knitting everyone :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Teeny Tiny Little Socks

I've been busy knitting these mini socklets as a birthday present for my sister. Several years ago there was a fire in her little outbuilding that she used for housing for her Angora bunnies and storage. Sadly she lost her bunnies and all of her Christmas ornaments. She has since replaced her bunnies and is slowly replacing her ornaments. I have given her gifts of ornaments in the past not handmade by me and it made her very happy. Not knowing what to send her for her birthday this year I thought since she's a knitter she might appreciate the tiny sock ornaments. I dressed them up with a little satin bow. I really like how they came out and they were so easy. I used Jennifer's mini sock recipe and I even found a website to learn how to tie an ornamental bow properly.
Though this is not related to my tiny is knitting related. This morning I saw a very interesting fact I had to do a double take! Today they had lots of new crossing guards out at places not normally having guards. As I made one turn I noticed this particular crossing guard standing on the corner very engrossed in her knitting...looked small, maybe a sock. In all my years I have never seen anyone knitting on a street corner really made my day :)

happy knitting everyone :)
P.S. Check out My Knitting Friend's Gallery. Lately it's been really growing. Many thanks to all my dear knitting friends for letting me show off your work :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Circle Cloth variation, on the square side

I've been knitting more cloths as you can see here:
Must give thanks to a fellow raveler, Jen or better known on ravelry as yarnhoardingmama, for giving me the idea to try knitting the circles in rows rather than staggering them. You can see her cloth here, knitted in one yarn, an ombre. I found you can do the variation two ways. Either start your cloth with the first part of the circle cloth pattern(K4, slip2) and continue this part of the pattern for the whole cloth:
or the second part (K1, slip2) and continue this part of the pattern for the whole cloth:See the difference? What you end up with is little rectangles instead of circles like these:

I still prefer the original, but if you are up for a little change thought I would pass the idea along :)

Now on to bigger and better things....AWARDS!!

Recently I've been given awards by a few of my blogging friends. Thank you Sandy, Aim and Allison!! Each award was receive on different days, which was nice because you all made my day times 3 :)

The first one is from Sandy and Aim:

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Hope everyone is having a good week!
Happy Knitting :)