Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little something... use up your leftover sock yarn. My first attempt at knitted origami, a cute little change purse:
This a great way to use up little odds and ends of sock yarn. You certainly don't need much to whip up one of these little purses.
Don't look at the back!
I did a terrible job sewing it together. That's the only part I didn't like about this project....the sewing! I wish there was a way to knit it up in the round and seamless, but I don't think that will work. The parts consists of 5 squares knit on the diagonal.
Here's a view inside the purse. Isn't it cute? It's just big enough for  a few coins or some jewelry. I had a hard time getting a good photo as the purse didn't want to stay open for me. Check out the pattern's page on ravelry. There are some better pictures there.

When you are finished sewing it together you need to block it wet in order to get it to stay flat. It was a fun little project. Just what I needed after knitting the circle baby blanket. I love quick little projects :)

Next on the agenda are a few projects that I can't show you right now. Instead I do have something(non knitting related)  to show you.

Check out my new favorite kitchen tool:


It's a Danish Dough Whisk Whisks). I actually bought two different sizes. The small one is great for making yeast waffles. No lumps using this special tool to mix the dough. I bought the larger one to mix up my artisan bread dough from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book. It really makes the mixing easy, plus it's an easy clean up. They are very reasonably priced. I'm planning on using the smaller one when I mix up my next batch of muffins. I bet there will be no lumps as well. Can't wait! Definitely a good investment when it come to kitchen gadgets.

Hope everyone is enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Looks like summer is right around the corner. Happy Knitting :)

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Circle Baby Blanket Pattern

IMG_1037IMG_1038IMG_1036Well, I did it...I finished the baby blanket on time with no extra time to spare! The recipient was very pleased with the homemade baby "quilt". The finished blanket was very soft and squishy, so I understand why she called the knitted blanket a "quilt". I am always very happy when someone appreciates my knitting :) If you are interested in making the Circle Blanket, which is based on my Circle Cloth, but has a much neater edge you can download the pattern here.

Circle Baby Blanket in PDF format.


Enjoy :)

P.S. You can also use the edging from this blanket on the circle cloth if you would like a neater edge.

Circle Baby Blanket in Spanish now available when downloading the pattern on Ravelry.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

At the half way point


I've reached the half way point with my knitting of the Circle Baby Blanket. Good thing --  because I only have less than two weeks to finish the blanket. I'm chugging along, but at the same time my mind wanders on to the thought of some new projects. I'm committed to getting this done so I must stay focused :)

A little update on Miss Shirley Pink. On one hand she's still alive and her two blossoms are just as pretty as the first day I brought her home a little over a week ago, BUT there has been some casualties. She has lost three or her buds, which never even opened. I'm sad. Here are the two bigger buds she lost:
IMG_1008There is one more bud, but it doesn't look like it will be around for much longer. I've done a little research and found there are few causes of bud dropping or technically speaking - - bud blast . Changes in temperature, not enough light, not enough or too much water, using water that has been softened or fertilizing too much,  drafts, or fumes from chemicals or gas are all possible causes of bud blast. I have a feeling that my plant may have been temperature shocked. It was very cold the day I brought her home. I did put her in a paper bag and covered the top with a plastic bag. On sunny days the room she's in gets pretty warm, not hot, but then at night it gets chilly. She is also in a room that has a gas heater in it and I think the 2nd or 3rd night the heat was on to take the evening chill off. Perhaps the gas fumes from the heater may have affected the buds. Another thought is perhaps it's  the tap water I've been using. May be I should try distilled water?

The good news is that on the tippy top of the flower stem is a tiny bud starting to form. It wasn't there to begin with, so I'm hopeful Miss Pink may produce one more flower. My fingers are crossed.

Pine St. Inn Knit-a-thonPine St. Inn Knit-a-thon 2010Other noteworthy news... particularly if you are on facebook,  be sure and check out the Pine Street Knit-a-thon page.

The knit-a-thon is a great way to use your knitting and crochet skills to help end homelessness.

Be sure and "like" the knit-a -thon page. The more exposure the KAT gets, the more likely the KAT will attract the attention  of national sponsors to support the Pine Street Inn.   Farley will be announcing the venue for the 5th annual Knit-a-thon on November 6, 2011 soon, perhaps next week. I can only imagine the coming event will be bigger and better than last year. Come join us, either knit or crochet some squares or help assemble the blankets. It's all fun and for such a great cause. Can't wait to start my squares.  The way the time is flying by,  November will be here before you know it :)

Have a great weekend...happy knitting everyone :)

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