Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another bump in the road

Just when you think everything is fine and dandy, something happens to mess up the apple cart! Yes, I have been missing as of late. My 93 year old father caught a bug and things have not been quite the same since. Noro virus is the culprit. After he caught the virus during a terrible outbreak at his assisted living home, he became dehydrated and weak. He fell and was so tangled up in his walker that three CNA's needed to call 911. Needless to say he was taken to the hospital, given fluids and was released back home. He was home approximately 2 hours when he fell for a second time. The next day his doctor sent him back to the hospital because he was so weak. Three days later he was sent to rehab. He is going to lose the tips of two of his fingers on his right hand. He has dry gangrene due to the crushing walker incident. Provided he does not get them infected, the tips should just fall off themselves. It's a ghastly site to behold. My heart aches for him and his progress has been severely hampered by these poor fingers. He's been in rehab now five weeks. Five weeks in a wheel chair. Five weeks of being very dependent. He can walk with his walker, but since he is a fall risk he's restricted. He was given clearance to go from wheel chair to toilet, but fell on Sunday. I really want to get him back home....hopefully the day will come soon, sooner than later...I hope. In the meantime, I've been visiting him everyday. Besides that and taking care of my family I have not been able to do much else. I've pretty much just put my blogging on hold.

Knitting wise I did manage to finish the Lover's Knot blanket in time to give it to my son and his wife on Easter. I was so SICK of it by the end that I was so happy to see it go to it's new home. I embroidered a label. I copied the idea and saying from Rachael. I did write to her for permission first though :)

Keep in mind when looking at the label that it was embroidered by a knitter. I flunked embroidery. It really is a very poor attempt, but the sentiment is there. The piece of fabric is scrap of raw silk that my birth father who was in the navy brought back from Japan after WWII. ( Just to clarify: I never knew him (just all the legends about him) as he passed away when I was 5 months old. The only father I have know is my 93 year old father....I can't even say "step-father" as he has been my Dad since I was 2 years old :) )

Then my next project was a commissioned one! My friend's grandson lost his blanket that I had made for him about five years ago. He has autism and was very, very attached to his blankie,. My friend bought the yarn...he picked it out and I knit it up for him. It's nothing fancy,

but it is soft, very soft. It really made me feel good to know that he loved the original blanket so much that he was very upset when he lost it. They left it behind in a hotel room by mistake and the management didn't even think to save it, but threw it out instead...IMAGINE the thoughtlessness. Now Parker is happy...he has his new blankie :)

I will try to play catch up with my blogging once again, but I may not be too successful at it until Dad get's out of rehab and I feel I no longer need to visit him everyday. It certainly take up any spare time I may have. My knitting has suffered lately as well as my blogging. I'm not really inspired at all to start a new project. The only thing on my needles right now is a baby prayer blanket. That is all I can handle at the moment. Hopefully things will change soon.....maybe once I start visiting blogs again I will feel the need to start another project.

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