Saturday, November 10, 2012

Painted Ponies

 I can't believe we are already fast approaching the holiday season. Our church's holly fair is next Saturday. I pulled out some odds and ends of yarn that I have in my stash and whipped up some cute candy cane ponies (Candy Cane Pony Pattern from Hollinger's Fiber Farm ) to sell at the fair. This years herd of ponies are of the pastel/painted variety. Not at all realistic looking color wise, but I do think they resemble the "my little ponies" of yester-year!
They were fun to make. They are all a little different. No two are alike. I made a dozen ponies with Brach's Candy Canes made with real peppermint oil, plus 4 were made with candy cane pens that I bought last year after Christmas.
Check out my ponies:



They are super easy and fun to make. Great use for odds and ends of yarn.  Click here find out more about my candy cane ponies.

happy knitting :)

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