Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Circle Cloth Pattern

My Circle Cloth was inspired by Anne Campbell's Circle Socks. With a little adapting I converted the knitted in the round pattern to a flat knit and changed the stitch counts a bit to make it work with a heavier gauge cotton yarn as opposed to the thin weight sock yarn. (In my research I found that the original stitch pattern "Hexagon" can be found in Barbara Walker's ," A Treasury of Knitting Patterns", page 67.)

Click here to print pattern.
Download PDF file
Any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

9/2o/08 Errata: Thanks to a couple of knitters on ravelry...another problem with the pattern has been found. You should repeat the last 20 rows (3-22) instead of repeating the 22 rows. The pattern has been corrected. Once again I'm very sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

9/18/08 Errata: Please note that on the knit rows slip with yarn in back and on the purl rows slip with the yarn in front. I have corrected the pattern. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion.

Look at what came in the mail yesterday!

My prize winnings from Becky. I was so surprised to find out that I won another blog prize. I sure have been on a lucky streak lately. Check out "Far & Wide", the gorgeous handspun, handpainted sock yarn from Fat Cat Knits. It's so soft and I'm especially thrilled that I don't have to wind it, since I don't own one of those ball winders that makes the pretty yarn cakes. Becky also included some yummy dark chocolate and vanilla. I LOVE both dark chocolate and vanilla. Also include were these little note cards wrapped in a bow. Thank you so much Becky :) You really made my day!!

Happy Knitting :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Check out Tea's giveaway package!

This is what the mailman brought me yesterday...Tea's giveaway package that I was gifted from her recent contest. Am I lucky or what? Inside the package was this awesome tote bag that Tea made, a bar of her homemade, vanilla scented, herbal antibacterial soap and a packet of lovely notecards. The soap has such a delightful scent...I just love the scent. I'd love to keep it in my pocket so I can smell it all day long. I have allergies so when I buy soap I usually go for the unscented ones, but this a very light scent which is not overpowering like some soaps can be.

Now to show you the tote. It's Tea's very own paper bag tote design:
It's the perfect size to use for taking a sock project with me on the go. I love it. Cute chicken patterned fabric...hard to see I know. Look inside...
She lined it. How awesome is that? I'm amazed at her seamstress abilities. word! I wish I could sew like that. Thank you Tea so much for everything!! You certainly are one very talented lady :)

Now back to my knitting . If you know me from reading my blog, you probably already know that I often get inspired by what others do. In this case look what the circle socks made me do:
I knit up a bunch of "circle" cloths, using the stitch pattern from the circle socks. It took a little adapting to convert the knitted in the round pattern to a flat knit in addition to changing the counts a bit to make it work with a heavier gauge cotton yarn, as opposed to the thinner sock weight yarn.

I'm really happy with the results. I always judge a "good" cloth by seeing if I can't stop with just one...I just have to try more and different color combos. Just can't help myself!! I love the texture of this cloth. I think it would be great as a dishcloth and as a washcloth. Doesn't look like exactly like a ballband, but I would say it might be somewhat of a close cousin because of the texture and the fact it is a slip stitch cloth!

Here's more photos of my new favorite cloth.

It even works with the Sugar 'n Cream self striping yarn:Oh...the possibilities....

Hope everyone is having a good week. Gee, this week sure flew by. Never ever is there enough time to do everything I want, especially the fun things. Must work on that ;)
Happy Knitting everyone :)