Saturday, February 13, 2010

A cabling necessity

Since I have been working very diligently on my Lover's Knot blanket, I've found to my dismay that many a times my trusty cable needle has become among the missing.  Guess what? On the weekend of Feb 5-7, my knitting calendar pages for that weekend was a pattern that quite possibly would be the answer to my problem.

"Marlyn's Handy Hooker' worked up fast and in no time I thought I had a solution,....but I really wasn't all that crazy about it when I tried it on.

The thought of someone actually seeing me with this thing around my neck made me pick up my crochet hook to try another not so odd looking. Don't get me wrong, it most certainly would do the job it was intended for quite well.

Here is what I came up with:

 I really like this one better on:

 Now I make sure I wear my cable needle pendant when working on my cable blanket. Just a couple more diversions. Now I just have to get going and finish it....I'm getting there slowly :)

happy knitting :)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

More neglected dishcloths

I have been very neglectful in showing you the rest of the dishcloths I knit last September - give or take a little bit.

As you probably already know I love trying new patterns, especially dishcloths. They are wonderful to use not only as dishcloths, but washcloths as well. Even more important they make good gifts and are wonderful to have a bunch ready made in case an occasion turns up.

Like this one:
This is the gift package I made up for my daughter-in-law's shower back in October. I wanted her to have another package to open up beside the crockpot and super duper crock-pot cookbook
I gave to her. She was thrilled to open up this package. She loves my dishcolths :)  In addition to my circle cloths I added a few new ones.

Playful Plaid by Solmama:
and Slippery Zig Zag:

which looks great on both sides, here's the back:

For quite some time I have been wanting to try some of Solmama's patterns. I was not satisfied after the first two, so I had to keep trying them. The next one I tried was the Greek Key cloth:

and the Harmonic Mosaic Cloth:

She still has more that I haven't tried, so be sure and check her blog out.

Knitting all of these mosaic slipped stitch cloth then inspired me to try a couple more slipped stitched cloths of my own:

I really had fun knitting these. I do love my slip stitch cloths!

Then last but not least is also another one that I've seen around for a long time, but had never tried until recently....the Chinese Waves cloth:

Now you can see I really was busy back then even though I wasn't blogging regularly!

Happy Knitting :)