Sunday, December 07, 2008

Still alive and kicking!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking, (That's what my soon to be 92 year old father (on Dec. 16th) always says when asked how he is) but blogging has taken a big back seat in my life. I will catch up eventually once things settle down around here.

Just before Thanksgiving my Dad had an infected toe which required an ER visit on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Subsequently diarrhea followed and after several doctors visits, it was finally starting to get better when the bottom fell out. Early this past Friday morning his lifeline was activated by him. Luckily I was still home because I had a migraine, which I was thankful for....pretty bad when you are thankful for a migraine. He was flat on the floor fully dressed. He was in pain...mainly his back. Called 911 and he was brought to the hospital. It wasn't until later that I realized he had been laying on the floor all night. He fell when he unplugged his TV at bedtime. Luckily no broken bones, but lying on the board that the paramedics put him on was excruciating. He was like that until almost 1 pm. He has muscle damage due to being on the floor so long. I was just so horrified and upset when I found out. He didn't press the lifeline button because he didn't want to bother me. It just about killed me knowing he was lying on the floor all night in pain. He still needs some more evaluating so that's why they have kept him in the hospital, but he may either go to short term rehab or come home with a visiting nurse and PT. Needless to say...I've been running and having quite a time with keeping up with things at home as well as email, etc. I have to forget the blogging for right now. Hope you all will understand. As soon as I have some free time I will try to catch up, I promise :)

One good thing I did finish the mate to the mohair socks last week before all the upheaval and got them in the mail. Have not heard from my sister as to how they fit. Hopefully I'll hear from her soon.
While he was in the ER I was so upset I couldn't even knit, plus I still had my migraine. Not much knitting to show you, but I do have to get going as Christmas is right around the corner.

Well, now you know why I've been missing. Hopefully things will settle down soon so I can get ready for Christmas and get caught up with everything.

Happy Knitting every one :)