Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm boycotting fringe for the time being...

...but, I'll refrain from saying I'll never make a fringed item again and I reserve the right to be able to change my mind. I'm very happy that I discovered ruffles as a substitution for fringe on my prayer shawls.

The ruffled edge worked out just fine even with my not so likable homespun yarn. The ruffle is very easy to do.

Here's the how to:

Making sure you allow enough yarn ( about a half of a skein) all you do is knit in front and back of every stitch on the last row (double increase row). Then repeat two more rows. Three double increased rows in all, then bind off.

Then on the cast on edge pick up two stitches for every cast on stitch. This is now your first double increase row. Then do two more of the double increased rows and bind off again. What you now have is two pretty ruffled edges :)
Friday night I finished my traveling vine socks (stitch pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks and short row heel and toe from the Nutkin pattern )

I've been really bitten by the sock knitting bug...I cast on another pair right away. Oh, no...does this mean I am now addicted to sock knitting?

Hope everyone is happily knitting away :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A hybrid sock

I just finished another sock :)This time it's a hybrid! Using the traveling vines pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks which I combined with my favorite short row heel and toe from the Nutkin pattern to make this lovely lacy sock. I'm really enjoying sock knitting now...but one thing I'm not so happy about is that sock knitting with size 2 needles is very slow knitting! Now off to start the second second sock syndrome for me!

happy knitting :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

3-Needle Bind Off Love

One week to the day my second Nutkin Sock is complete. I LOVE 3 needle bind offs. Being able to finish off a sock so easily makes me much more interested in sock knitting. I think I might have caught the bug, better known as Sock Knitting Addiction. The dreaded kitchener always took away any of the joy of knitting the socks, even my beloved monkey socks included. I'm so happy I found my Nutkin :)

Now what should I knit next? Got an idea rolling around......happy knitting :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

A little bit nutty for Nutkin!

In case your wondering exactly what I have been up to this need not wonder any longer. I've been busy working on my Nutkin socks! The first one was finished last night finally :)
I am a fairly new sock knitter, so this pattern was especially pleasing, because I got to try some new techniques. very first non ribbed cuff. The cuff is knitted in all stockinette stitch and then once you finish the required number of rows you knit together the cast on stitches with your live stitches. A little bit awkward...but I think the outcome is really cool. See the inside:
The stitch pattern is very easy to follow...looks complicated, but it's not at all
The next technique that was new to me was the short row heel. Very different. I have done short rows before, but never a heel. This is awesome :)

Then finally...a short row toe...which is actually another short row heel. I had a little bit of difficulty wrapping my tired old brain around this one...but then finally the light went on and I got the" aha" moment!
The best part of this toe is that there is NO grafting...yes...NO kitchener stitch...yay :) To close the toe up ...a three needle bind off is what is used. Very easy!
I'm pleased with the way my first Nutkin came out. Fits very well and now I just started the 2nd sock. No distractions...must get my sock it's mate...soon :)

In my last post I showed you a mystery item.
Thanks to all who commented. I emailed Lacis, a company that deals in antique knitting tools, etc. If you've never browsed their website, you should take a look. I find it very interesting.
Back to the subject at hand. I sent them a photo and asked for any insight they might have as to what and how this implement was used. Here is Jules' kind and prompt answer (Thank you Jules!):

"Most unusual...Doubt if it has much to do with knitting. The wire frame looks like it is designed to fit onto the edge of a table. The spool is not a typical thread spool so puzzled there.If it was a thread spool and if your mom was into lace knotting using thread she could have used this to hold the thread as she knitted. This would then keep the thread from overtwisting. Jules"

In conclusion I have come to think perhaps one would use this tool as a guide rather than a spool when knitting or crocheting. Attach the frame to a table or chair and before starting your project let the spool be the yarn guide. There is not even the possibility of being phyically ab;e to wind wool or anything else on the spool. I bet if you use it as a guide it prevents the yarn from twisting as Jules mentioned. The major drawback to this contraption is once you start a project you are pretty much limited to the place where you started it. Not sure about that?? What do you think? Does this sound plausible?

Have you heard about Hat Attack? (...just like Sock Wars, but this time a hat is the target) My knitting friend Melody has enlisted. I was so tempted to join too, but I have wimped out. After much reading, pondering and debating with myself I decided not to join. I don't work well under pressure, but I most certainly will cheer Melody on. Good for her and the best part is that I can live vicariously though her as she will keep me informed as the battle ensues, right Melody? Good luck Melody. Incase you want to engage in battle with Melody and the others you better act quickly as the dealine to sign up is February 6th! Good luck everyone!!