Saturday, October 20, 2007

Small Clutch from Recycled Grocery Bags by Patti

I can't take credit for the knitting in this post, but none the less I had to share this with you. Patti (Knitting by Patti - Patti doesn't have a blog, but she has an awesome photo album filled to the brim with lots of wonderful handmade items - please go and check it out for'll be glad you did.) emailed me yesterday. Here's what she wrote:

I was very impressed by the idea of knitting with plastic grocery bags.
So, I thought I'd give it a try. I thought I'd start out small, and just use the garter stitch to see how it knits up.
I continued and it was easier to knit with than I thought!
So, I continued knitting and then was trying to think of something to make with this rectangle I had on my needles............
I came up with a clutch, and even put velcro on it for a closure and also made a chain stitch piece for a handle, which can be placed in or out, according to whether you want to use the handle or not.
Thanks so much, and I would like to try something larger in the future. Right now I have other projects in the works, but had to stop and try knitting with the plastic bags.
I've attached a link of couple pics of the clutch for you to see.
Once you are on this link, you can hit next to see the 2nd pic-
Thanks again,
Patti :-)"

To make a long story short - this is what she came up with:
A wonderful small clutch.... knitted from....well...yes...plastic bags! Isn't it cute and I think it's quite stylish! She says small...but it sure holds quite a bit: wallet, eyeglass case, lip gloss and a few other items. When I first saw it I thought to myself, now that would make a great coupon organizer... but according to Patti it probably would be a tad too big. I'm sure it could be scaled down. She uses velcro as a closure. Isn't Patti clever? Here is a photo of what this mighty clutch will hold:Patti very kindly gave me permission to post her pattern to make the clutch in case anyone is interested. This would be a great little project to see if you like knitting with plastic before you get too involved in one of the big bags. Patti was amazed at how easy it was :) Thank you Patti for sharing your pattern with us.

Small Clutch from Recycled Grocery Bags
Finsihed Size Approximately 7 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall
Materials Needed
#13 knitting needles (next time I will go a bit smaller)
Plastic bags prepared, cut in strips then looped together
Tapestry Needle
One Velcro hook & loop closure
Thread (embroidery)
Cast on 17 stitches
knitted in garter stitch for approx. 10 inches
Then start the decrease to make the flap or leave it and it will be straight across.
Decrease one stitch on each side of every other row (2 & 3rd stitch knit together, and next to last stitch and last stitch knit together) until there are approx. a 2 inches left.
Cast off.
Assemble Bag
Fold up the bottom to just before the decrease starts.
Stitch the sides up using a tapestry needle and the plastic yarn. I used the mattress stitch.
Use a velcro closure for the flap ( I used pressure sensitive back, then put a few stitches with thread).
Make a chain or I-cord with the plastic yarn for the handle.
Loop it thru on the upper corner of the clutch-

Copyright © 2007 Knitting by Patti, All Rights Reserved.

Questions or comments you can contact Patti via email at patsch819(at)verizon(dot)net


  1. That is really cute! I may have to try one of those.

  2. See what you've started? You're making the world greener one bag at a time! In the words of Sandra Boynton "YAY YOU!"

    PS Thanks for your empathy

  3. It's amazing what people come up with. This is a great idea, and it even looks good! ;o)

  4. Now, that clutch is really nice. The whole idea is very interesting.

    Way to go Patti! And thanks so much for sharing the pattern.
    (Knitters are so giving.:)

    I can't wait to show my granddaughter who knits.

  5. what a great idea! so cute too.

  6. Very nice, and thanks for the links too. I was so impressed with her place mats I may need to look into doing some for my house.

  7. you would never know it's plastic bags... too cute Patti!

  8. My, that's really cute! And to think what it's made of...!

  9. That is so neat. She did a great job.

  10. WoW! Reusing plastic bags, in a whole new light. I bet AL Gore would use that clutch.

  11. A lady after my own heart. Way to go Patti!


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