Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Road Trip and some traveling knitting!

We're back! Back from our road trip to Niagara Falls, New York and Pittsburgh, PA. I didn't send any postcards, but I think I like this virtual one better, because I was the photographer :) It's a rather misty shot, but I love the effect of the colored lights on the falls.
We had a fun few days exploring Niagara Falls. We did all the touristy things....Maid of the Mist boat ride (magnificent views, but you do get really wet), Cave of the Winds(soaked again, but they gave us souvenir sandals to wear)...walkway view of the falls, Niagara Aquarium and we saw an incredible fireworks display over the falls. We also walked over to Canada over the Rainbow Bridge to see the view from the other side. Both views are different and beautiful in their own right. Which side is better? That's a difficult question. There were definitely more people on the Canadian side. The surrounding area is much more commercialized, but pretty with all the gardens as well as a great view of the falls. This was not my first visit to the Canadian Falls. We took our oldest many years ago when he was about four years old. It is much more built up now, but I still remember all the pretty gardens. Looks like Disney World if you get my drift. The American side is more natural looking given that it is one of the oldest National Parks. I recommend walking over the bridge and then you can see both sides, therefore you need not miss out on any of the views!

Before we left NY we also visited Lockport. We saw boats going through the locks on the Erie Canal and took a cave tour and boat ride. The cave is a man made one. Learned an interesting fact about where the term "hoagie"(as in sub or grinder sandwich) originated from. The boys (called Hoagies) who worked in the Lockport Caves back in the old days were given a box lunch that had a cold sandwich in it made from head cheese or liverwurst and that's how the sandwich got it's name. We had many "hoagies" on this trip. We also visited the University of Rochester to give my middle guy an idea what their campus looks like. He's just starting to look at colleges. Another place we toured was the Niagara Power Vista, which was very interesting. The Niagara River is a huge electric power source for the area.

Then off to Pittsburgh. We visited the Pittsburgh Zoo, Carnegie Science Center, PNC Park for two ballgames ( I only saw one game and enjoyed my time alone in the motel that night) and another fabulous, best ever fireworks display after the last game. The Pittsburgh zoo is a very nice zoo. Not a huge one, but they have lots to see. An elephant baby was born while we were there, but we didn't get to see it, which was disappointing. When we went on our last big family vacation to Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2001 we were very lucky to see the baby panda, which was very exciting. The Carnegie Science Center's exhibits (hands on) were a little bit young for my boys. It would have been heaven for the 6 - 10 age group. The best part of the visit was touring the USS Requin, a WWII submarine. The boys all enjoyed that :)

Of course food is always the high light of our trips...the boys were delighted to visit Primanti Bros. Ever since they saw a show on the Food Network that's all they would talk about. This is a very famous restaurant for there they serve sandwiches that they put the french fries and cole slaw right inside the sandwiches, very unusual! My husband and middle guy had to try one, but my youngest and I had their pizza which was outstanding! They loved the sandwiches. It's one of those things that you just have to try :)

Here is a mosaic of some ( just a sampling) of the photos from our trip:
Now for some knitting. With all those hours in the car I did manage to complete a ballband cover for my old Oster Kitchen Center.

This was fabulous traveling knitting, mindless enough so I didn't miss out on any of the sight while driving. This time I knit the entire piece in the round and then closed off the top with single crochet and crab stitch. I know I could have grafted it closed with kitchener's, but I thought it would be nice to have a matching set finished off with the crab stitch. I think it matches my toaster cover quite well and now I'm working on another cover for my kitchen aid mixer. I think this will take a while to complete. Am I getting sick of working with this yarn and pattern?...why yes, but I can't help but look forward to having all my appliances outfitted with matching covers. I think I can handle it :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am so behind with my blog reading that it will take me a while to catch up on everyone's news. I know you all understand what it's like returning from a trip...the mountains of laundry and mail, paying bills, shopping and the general getting back into the swing of real life again. It's nice to go away, but it's nice to come home again. The 12 and a half hour drive home from Pittsburgh took a lot out of me and I did none of the actual driving...just sat and knit :)

Happy Knitting everyone :)

P.S. If you are interested in making your own postcard and mosaic check out Big Huge Labs.
Both of them were really easy to make. I highly recommend it :)

I'll leave you here with a couple videos of the Canadian Falls and the fireworks display at PNC Park, Pittsburgh. The display was even longer, but we ran out of batteries :)


  1. What an awesome trip! You really accomplished a lot while you were out and about. I loved the videos...awesome fireworks display!

    The Cave of the Winds looks like fun. :P

    Now I have the urge to make a matching cover set for everything in my kitchen. *need more time. need more time.*


  2. Sounds like a great trip - and I love all your descriptions - now I want to go see the Falls too!

  3. That sounds like a really great trip - you sure covered a lot and made a lot of interesting stops!!

    That's a great mixer cover- it would be good travel knitting. (i got one of those same mixers as a wedding gift years ago - it finally bit the dust a few years ago tho)

  4. You are a ballband cranking machine! I love it. I went to Niagara Falls in 2000 with my hubby and a friend that lives in upstate NY. We only were there for an afternoon so we didn't do the cruises or walk across the bridge sadly, but it was still really fun to get to see it.

    What a fun trip, welcome home!

  5. Sounds like a great trip! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

  6. I've never been to any of those places. It looks like you had a tripendicular time!

  7. It sounds like you have had a wonderful time! We are thinking of visiting Niagara Falls next summer. Last time we were there my daughter announced to an elevator full of people "My Mommy has a baby in her tummy!" That won't be happening this time!!!

    We have never seen the caves there, and it sounds like it would be a memorable experience.

  8. Beautiful pictures and videos. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I also love your latest ball band cover. I love that pattern.

  9. What a wonderful vacation!! I've never been to Niagara Falls so the video was a lovely treat for me..I'm sure I felt the spray of mist from the falls as I watched. Cool.

    The Oster Center cover is perfect! Your kitchen is going to be the envy of knitting blogland by the time you're finished with all of those covers. :) My Bosch is so bare. ;p _giggles_

    Thank you for the postcard link! I have to try the postcard look.

  10. I love the photos from your trip! It sounds like you really had a great time. I'm so glad you're back. :)

  11. I'm jealous! :) It sounds like you had an amazing trip! I love the videos. Your ballband cover looks wonderful. I'm now officially addicted to the ballband pattern. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

  12. I love Niagara falls, it's so beautiful. Haven't been there in a few years though, I only live about 6 hours from there maybe 7. We could have met if I wasn't so sick, maybe.

    Great pictures though.

    I am glad you had a good time

  13. Sounds like a good trip. Great pictures of the falls, too. Heaven knows I need a vacation :)

    Thanks for thinking of my dad. I really appreciate it.

  14. Great pictures and a great adventure. My friend Jewel Tomes has some great experience with the U of Rochester if you want a second opinion.

  15. Ah, you were sooo close! Another couple of hours drive, and you could have visited! :o)

  16. Sounds like you had a well-deserved wonderful vaca! I really love your ballband appliance covers! What a great idea--and I never tried the crab stitch before, in all my years of crocheting! I must give that a shot soon :) Thanks for all the entertaining pics and videos. And welcome back!

  17. GREAT pics!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Been a few years since we've been to Niagra Falls, but I always thought The Candian side to be prettier...clearner for one and the American side seemed far more commericialized when we've been there. I've never gotten to take the boat rides though and think I need to put that on my list of things to do.

    Glad you got some quality knitting time too, great way to spend time in the car.

    Have a good wkend.

  18. Sounds like you had a great time and took some gorgeous photos. THanks for the link - I was going to ask how you did that!

  19. Mindless knitting is some of the best kind! And you kitchen will look fabulous when you are done!

    I love your photos. Such fabulous light and color!

  20. WOW you definitely did a lot of travelling. It sounds like you had a great time! The fireworks video was awesome - thanks so much for sharing.

    Oh I know exactly where you are standing for the Niagara video. Right by the iron railing. I remember how it felt being so close to the water.

    I love your new cover, it is a nice match to your other one.


  21. What an awesome trip you guys went on!! Thanks for sharing.

    Your ballbands in the round for appliance covers is really great - so pretty and very functional!

    As always, I find your blog so inspirational.

  22. We honeymooned at the canadian side of the falls in '96. Lovely place with lovely people.
    What's missing from your photos is a picture of a ballband dishcloth going over the falls! Hehehe!

    Liking your ballband kitchen ensemble, by the way.

  23. how exciting! it looks like you had a great trip! : )

  24. What great travel pics! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :) Oh yes, please make a kitchen aid cover! I'd love to see it!

  25. we went to Niagara for vacation as well! we should compare pictures sometime!


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