Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Circle Cloth variation, on the square side

I've been knitting more cloths as you can see here:
Must give thanks to a fellow raveler, Jen or better known on ravelry as yarnhoardingmama, for giving me the idea to try knitting the circles in rows rather than staggering them. You can see her cloth here, knitted in one yarn, an ombre. I found you can do the variation two ways. Either start your cloth with the first part of the circle cloth pattern(K4, slip2) and continue this part of the pattern for the whole cloth:
or the second part (K1, slip2) and continue this part of the pattern for the whole cloth:See the difference? What you end up with is little rectangles instead of circles like these:

I still prefer the original, but if you are up for a little change thought I would pass the idea along :)

Now on to bigger and better things....AWARDS!!

Recently I've been given awards by a few of my blogging friends. Thank you Sandy, Aim and Allison!! Each award was receive on different days, which was nice because you all made my day times 3 :)

The first one is from Sandy and Aim:

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I here by nominate:

The last award is from Allison:

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...and for this one I shall nominate:

Hope everyone is having a good week!
Happy Knitting :)


  1. This version is awesome too! I really need to try this one.
    Thanks a bunch for the're so sweet. :)

  2. they look so spongey! :) i like them both just the same.. very cool

  3. thank you! i think that this is the first blog award i've won!! so fun!! and you are too sweet!

  4. Oh I love me those dishcloths. The texture is amazing!

    Thank you so much for the award!

  5. Wow, your dishcloths look amazing. I love all the different colored versions! And thanks so much for the award =D

  6. I love those cloths! Such pretty color combinations! I believe I like the round ones better, too.

    That's the cutest little blog award! Thank you for thinkin' of me and my li'l ol' blog.

  7. Thanks and right back at ya. I love the new way of making those dish cloths. How cool!

  8. Thanks Deb... you know I LOVE your blog... your blog is the reason I started one. it was the first blog I ever visited.

    I am going to try those dishcloths with Christmas colors as part of my Christmas dishcloth mania

  9. Thanks for the award and the new and innovative way to make dish rags. I'm going to have to try both versions!

  10. Love those Clothes! and Thanks for the Award!

  11. Congratulations on the awards!
    I quite like the new version, especially the # 2.
    Too bad I don't need another dish/washcloth for year. I recently washed all my cloth I've knit back in 2005, about 40 of them. Now I have to use them a lot, to reduce that pile. :o)

  12. Thank you for the award! I love the new version of the cloth - very clever!

  13. Blush! Thanks for the award :-)

    It is neat how offsetting the pattern a little bit gives a strikingly different result.

  14. Thanks for the sweet mention!

  15. That's pretty amazing how a little change can change the look of the dishcloth - I really need to make one of these, they look so squishy!
    Thanks so much for the sweet award mention!! Love your blog too!

  16. Your cloths as always are beautiful! I like both versions.

  17. lol. I have also nominated you for this same award! ;) I guess it goes to show great minds think alike. :D the variations on the cloth are great!

  18. both of the cloths look great... i think i'd make a circle cloth, though. it's in my queue, but who knows when i'll get to it! i sent that blog award right back to you. : )

  19. Oooh, neato mosquito! You are so creative! I like both of them, but have to say I like the Circles a wee bit more.

  20. Cool, and many thanks. I've been messing with the blog problem/browswer and haven't gotten back to do anything yet about the award.

    I successfully loaded FF, but am not very comfortable using it. It has a font I don't like, tried to change it; but that didn't seem to work. The flicker badge on my blog doesn't visualize when I'm using FF, and Ghost has solved the problem on her blog. So for now, IE is working better for me than FF. I do want to try to get better acquainted with it though, so have not un-installed it. Any thoughts why the flicker badge won't visual using it?

    Hoipe you're having a great wkend.
    Hugs again and thanks

  21. i think both versions of that cloth are pretty darn awesome!

  22. I used one of your Circle Cloth pattern and it came out so lovely and very pretty. I am surprised to see that you have a new one with squares out... I tried to look for the pattern but couldn't find it... Could you help point me to the pattern? I may have missed it! Thanks so much and keep up the great work you do!

  23. Debbie1085,
    I don't know how to reach you so I'm leaving my response to your question here. Hope you see it :)
    The pattern for the "square" circle cloth is pretty much the same pattern with a little modification. You just line up the "circles" instead of staggering them. There is two ways to do it either start your cloth with the first part of the pattern(K4, slip2) and continue this part of the pattern for the whole cloth OR start your cloth with the the second part of the pattern(K1, slip2) and continue with this part of the pattern for the whole cloth. If you belong to ravelry check out my notebook (hakucho) and I think it will be clearer for you. Hope this answers your question :)

  24. Oh, good golly! I really really really like your dishcloths. Very 3-dimensional. I'm wanting the squarey version right now, this minute.


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