Saturday, February 07, 2009

Finding time... do the things I want and love to do is difficult these days. I'm still knitting, but it seems as though I'm not accomplishing much. I did finish my own My So Called Scarf:
and I am working on a pair of socks right now:
I'm knitting them as a short row toe up using the stitch pattern from the River Rapids Sock pattern. I'm really stuck on the short row toe and heel from my Toe-Up Totem Sock Pattern...I'll admit that I'm afraid to try a different pattern because this one fits me so well. The yarn I am using is the prize I won on Becky's blog.

A couple of weeks ago I tried a new cookie recipe for Peanut Butter Cowboy Cookies which was a big hit.
Next time I make them I'll double them. I substituted canola oil for the butter and they were fabulous :) Whenever I can I have been substituting canola oil for butter and shortening just because I think it's much more healthy. Cakes, cookies and breads do fine with the substitution. The only recipes that don't work out is pie crusts. Today I used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with oil and they taste a little different, but they turned out fine.

Last time I spoke a little too soon about my Dad doing much better. Though there is nothing terribly wrong, he has developed a pressure ulcer ( looks like he's missing a chunk of flesh) on the bottom of his heel. Most likely this is due to poor circulation and wearing his new shoes. He's been living in slipper socks in the house since his toe infection. Looking back I remember being asked if he was diabetic. Not realizing that all his feet problems are probably due to poor circulation and neuropathy (remember I needed to get him a blanket support). The visiting nurses are back in the picture because the pressure ulcer requires special wound care. Hopefully it will heal faster than the infection. Luckily the ulcer was caught before it was infected.

Seems like everything is breaking around here. Between my old washing machine, old shredder and now my old Cannon Power Shot A70 digital camera has been behaving very poorly lately. I think it may be dying slowly. While trying to capture some video at my sons' concerts this week the screen went black. Don't know what's wrong with it, but I did manage to get it to take some photographs for this post...thank goodness!! I'm going to have to start saving up for a new camera. I did a little research and I'm wondering if a Cannon Powershot SX110 IS would be a good one for me. It seems to be a moderate priced camera that has a lot of nice features. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. I want a camera with a zoom greater than 3x without breaking the bank.

I'm sorry to say I'm still way behind in my blog reading. All of my blogging friends are very prolific....need I say more. Even though I am a slow poke...I do enjoy catching up on what everyone is doing. When I have a few extra minutes I'll keep trying do a little catching up. My dad and my family come first, so I hope you all understand :)

Hope the rest of your weekend (very spring like here) is filled with lots of happy knitting :)


  1. Thanks for the tip about the canola oil. I agree it's healthier. Honestly, I hadn't thought about that sub. (you know, the apple sauce one, the prune puree...etc...blech) BUT fat source for better fat might be on to something good.

    The scarf looks good, but as a sock whore....I LOVE THAT SOCK!!!!

  2. I love them both.

    Sorry to hear about the minor set back with your dad. I pray this heals faster too.

    A new camera, yeah I want one too. I haven't found the one I want yet. But I'm saving up my MY POINTS so maybe I can almost pay for it all with those. I can wish, right?

  3. I hope you're able to get a new camera soon!

  4. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your dad, that sounds painful. Hope it is able to heal quickly!
    The knitting all looks lovely as always - am loving that sock yarn!!
    I just got the camera you mentioned a couple weeks ago! I haven't had time to play with it too much, but so far I really like it - the zoom is awesome for this size camera. I keep debating getting an SLR, but besides the price there's the size and weight. This one has the nice zoom, a decent flash and is still pretty small, and a lot of different settings.

  5. Pretty pretty scarf! Probably just what you need right now as you go out and take care of things.

    Your poor father. I hope he heals soon.

    Blogging can wait until things get under control.

  6. I have a Nikon CoolPix for carrying around daily and a Canon PowerShot S2IS for when I'm planning on taking picture.

    The Canon is heavy, but takes regular AA batteries and has a 12X zoom.

    I don't think they have this particular model anymore, but there is an 8 megapixel along the same lines.

  7. Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope his foot heals quickly.

    Great scarf and socks. I still need to make that scarf. I see you're doing toe-up socks. I just did my first cuff-down sock, I wanna try toe-up next.

  8. Sorry about your dad - I hope he gets better fast.

    Love the scarf and socks - both are very pretty and love the spring colors!

  9. Your new scarf looks great, as does the new sock. Why change the pattern if it fits? The cookies look very delicious, yum. I like to bake with butter, because it tastes better, of course I don't bake often. I hope you dad will be O.K. soon, and you 'll be able to get more time for yourself, but of course family comes first - always!
    We had Canaon digi cameras, but not this model, but they always worked very well.

  10. those are very nice socks. I like doing short row toes and heels, but without all the wrapping and turning. There is a technique called the Japanese short row heel (you work the toe the same) that is super simple and easy to keep track of.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad's pressure ulcer. He will be in my prayers for quick healing!

  11. I use olive oil in my cooking instead of butter, so think the idea you have sounds great. I don't bake, but when I used my bread machine all the time years ago, often substituted other liquids for the oil or butter, like applesauce and I think yogurt. Though I don't know how that would work in your baking.

    Sorry to hear about the malfunctions. I'm with ya, things seem to happen in 3's and my washer is on it's last leg. It will not stay level and I have to keep re-adjusting the load to keep it from jumping around.


    The socks look yummy and warm

  12. Your scarf is such a great color. Same with the socks!

  13. Your scarf looks wonderful! I LOVE the socks! I wish I could get enthused enough to knit a pair myself.

    The camera you're looking at is much better than mine, and I love mine to pieces. It's a Canon PowerShot A540. I think you won't be disappointed with your selection.

    I was sorry to hear your dad is having trouble still. Everyone understands family priority so don't be worryin' one bit about visiting our blogs. We'll be here when time allows. :)

    Send cookies! _chuckles_

  14. fantastic looking cookies!
    looks like a photo from a fancy magazine!

  15. i love how color coordinated your socks and scarf are!

    i hope your dad's foot heals soon. best wishes to him!

  16. your scarf looks great and it looks like the socks are coming along nicely. : )

    i'm so sorry to hear about the continuing problems with your dad and i hope things heal up quickly!

  17. Your scarf and socks are so beautiful.

    I am so sorry that your Dad has a sore like that. I remember dealing with those when I worked in a nursing home. It just makes my stomache turn to know your Dad is dealing with one. I'm glad it was caught before it was infected. I wouldn't wish one of those on anyone!

  18. I love your so called scarf and it matches the socks! Good luck finding more time - if you succeed let me know the secret!

  19. Hope your Dad heals quickly! The socks and scarf are really pretty. I know what you mean about not having time. I think you can't go wrong with a Canon camera - I hear the G10 is really nice, but pricey.

  20. I finally made your TP cover today. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.. pics are on my blog and in my ravelry projects folder.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he's doing better. I love that sock pattern! The yarn is so pretty! The scarf looks great too.

  22. hope your dad is doing better since you last posted. of course family comes first! canola oil..hadn't thought of that yet. I've used applesauce though.

  23. Love the River Rapid Socks. I made socks in that pattern too. The cookies look yummy too.


  24. Look how late I am commenting so don't you feel alone. :P
    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and your troubles...I can seriously relate to both lately. We'll be okay though...we can survive anything.
    Now I'm off to check out those Cowboy Cookies...looks YUMMY!!

  25. Miss you blogging. How is your Dad doing?


  26. both my parents are diabetic and both of them have had to deal with pressure sores being slow to heal.I know what you are dealing with.
    Knitting helps!


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