Thursday, August 13, 2009


There is very little knitting-wise that has excited me lately. I made a big mistake in picking my projects as of late. Two pairs of socks, same pattern, one after the other is a bad idea!! The other day I finally finished the second pair of socks that I knit from the same pattern. You can tell that I really enjoyed knitting the first pair..... I just had to knit up another pair. The pattern is Socks of Kindness: a Recipe. The stitch pattern is easy, but looks intricate
I loved how they turned out and right away I cast on for another pair of the same. The yarn was pretty much the same as well, which added up to a lack of interest after a fashion. The first pair was camouflage and the second looked very much the same, instead of green- the major color was blue. Talk about second sock syndrome, second pair syndrome is worse.! I learned my lesson this time :) I think I need a break from socks.

I always have a take-a-long project in the works.
The latest one finished is another baby prayer blanket with yellow and green alternating stripes. This was mostly knit while I was doing my physical therapy and as a passenger in the car. Easy, boring knitting as well.

Now I need to find a new and different project to work on. I have some ideas. but first I need to finish a counted cross stitch project ( "A Little Girl's Fancy" by Paula Vaughan) that has been in the works for about 20 years on and off. I am very close to be done!! I HAVE to complete this before moving on!

Here it is in the summer of 2006:
It was supposed to be finished that summer. That did not happen. Every summer since I have worked on it a little bit, but I must admit I get tired of it very quickly.

Hopefully by my next post I'll have a finished piece to show you. At least I have good intentions!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying what's left of summer. Happy Knitting :)


  1. I'm feeling ya on the sss. =) I can't even finish my first pair. LOL Can't wait to see your finished cross stitch project. It looks great so far, and as always your baby prayer blankets are so nice. I bet they'd make awesome gifts.

  2. The counted cross stitch embroideries are works of art! I admire all the subtleties in the shading. I remember my mom working on them while she waited for my brother and me to get through our various activities when we were kids.

    I've been thinking about making some socks, but I've not moved any further along in the process than that ;-)

  3. I love the socks! Still, I think I'd go crazy using the same pattern twice in a row. At least you've ended up with some nice socks. :)

  4. Wow. You must have the patience of a saint!!!! I gave up counted cross stitch when all the shading came in to play!! It's looksk beautiful so far.

    Ya know, I'd have to say I love your taste. That sock pattern is going in by queue waiting the right sock yarn to jump into my stash! (and someday it will) an as far as the second PAIR syndrome...honey, hit the frog pond now. Some things are just too redundant for words!

  5. i've seen that sock pattern before. your socks look great. sorry to hear about the second pair of socks syndrome. :( cute baby prayer blanket. i like the striping. :) oh my gosh, your counted cross stitch project is amazing!! i can't wait to see it finished. good luck with finishing it up by your next post! :)

  6. Well, you might be tired of the socks, but that is a GREAT pattern. The socks look lovely.

  7. I understand why you got tired o the sock pattern, but they are pretty!

  8. i've knit that sock pattern and i really enjoyed it, but i can certainly understand losing steam!

    funnily enough, i've caught the cross-stitch bug too! it must be something in the air. :)

  9. Oh no, the dreaded second pair syndrome!!!

    I do like them however. I may have to make a pair myself. but just one. Pair, that is.

    the blanket looks nice. I like the subtle stripes.

    Can't wait to see an FO soon!

  10. The socks are beautiful, and I applaud you for having the knitting stamina to make it through the second pair!

  11. lovely socks...I can feel the struggle to finish the last one! A blanket is such a good carry along project, I might just start one!

  12. It's good to see you blogging again.

    The socks are lovely. I'm actually working a 2nd pair of socks in the same pattern as one I've done before. It doesn't seem so bad if the pattern is interesting.

    Congrats on finishing the cross stitch. I did a bit back in my college days. I'm not sure my eyes would enjoy it as much today.

  13. The socks are lovely - but I can imagine how hard that second pair was! Good for you for stitcking with it!

    The counted cross stitch is beautiful - good luck finishing!

  14. I love your counted cross stitch! I can't wait to see it finished. It looks like a pretty big project. The socks are great - they do look very complicated - I will just have to take your word that they are not :o)

  15. Lovely projects, wips and otns! Thanks for the sock pattern link and the kind words of support. Hugs back atcha!

  16. Those socks are gorgeous. Wow! Love the colors you chose. I love to do calming.

  17. The socks look great, but I know exactly what you are talking about. Take me, I've got 4 pairs of pretty much the same to finish!
    The prayer blanket looks lovely in these colors. I'm cheering you on from here, to keep going on the cross stitch project! :o)

  18. wow, two pair of the same socks right after the other... good job on finishing them! : ) they look great, too.

    good luck with your cross stitch project! this is the summer you'll finish, i just know it! : )

  19. Love the socks, one day I will try my hand at a day; I keep saying that. lol I like to make the same patterns of things when I find a really good me it speeds up the process. You work out the kinks with the first pattern and then things so more smoothly after that. I'm rarely knitting or crocheting in quiet where I can concentrate or be uninterrupted and so don't enjoy counting and keeping track so much.

    I remember that cross stitch pattern from back when I used to cross stitch. Haven't done any of that in YEARS. But, the neat store I used to go to always had nice items on displays with notes about which book it came from etc. The one you're working on was displayed along side I think one with an old singer sewer machine? Or at least thats what I think I remember.

    Beautiful work.

    I know what you mean about trying to remember to take the bags with ya to the store, I keep trying's I know a matter of establishing a habit...I'm just not there yet.


  20. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine knitting two pairs of those socks, but they are beautiful! Love the blanket, too.

    I really like counted cross stitch pictures, but I haven't done one in years. Here's hoping you can get it done and framed soon. :)


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