Saturday, June 26, 2010

One thing after another

There is never enough time to do everything that I want. Blogging seems to be the thing that gets put on hold just because it lets me. Things are getting better and it is starting to slow down, so I am hopeful that I'll be able to post more regularly soon.

First of all my Dad is improving, thank goodness and thank you all for your thoughtful wishes. His fingers started to get infected, which in a way was a good thing because it helped him make the decision to amputate his two finger tips. He now is in much less pain and the fingers are healing nicely. Hopefully soon he'll be able to return to a regular room at his assisted living residence.

My middle son graduated from high school
and is working full time for the summer. We are sharing my car, which makes it hard with his hours being all over the place. He does not work a regular schedule. We're hoping he'll be able to get a car soon. I know it will make our lives easier.

My youngest has volunteered to play tuba
in his school band next September. We had to scramble to find a tuba teacher so he can have a few lessons before pep band camp in the middle of August. He's a trombone player, which he will continue play as well. Can't play tuba in a jazz band! He is borrowing the schools tuba for the summer and it takes up half my living room...but I'm not complaining mind you...we are fortunate  that we don't have to buy or rent a tuba.

My oldest son and his wife are now proud homeowners.
They closed yesterday on their brand new home, just in time to take advantage of the first time home buyers tax credit. They are ecstatic! Tomorrow we are helping them move. We wish them the best of luck. Good thing they both have good jobs, because they can't count on us for help...we'll be struggling with college payments soon.

My old gas oven in my stove called it quits,
so I had to make finding a new stove a priority. That's one thing I can't do with out. I ended up with a Frigidare gas range
and so far I love it. It was very reasonably price, but looks like an expensive stove. I'm looking forward to lots of cooking and baking.

I have been knitting. The only thing that was slightly exciting was a summer top for my son's wife for her birthday.
I love to knit for her as she always appreciates everything I have knit for her so far. When I saw the Blissful Blue Top pattern I immediately thought of her. It was an easy knit and I enjoyed working on it. The next project was a trio of bibs for a gift for a baby that is due July 6. An old standby...the Mason Dixon - Baby Bibs of Love.
I don't know the sex of the baby so I thought the yellow and orange color combo would be cheery. I'll get the package in the mail once I get the news of the baby's arrival. To be honest, I really have been very uninspired lately with everything I'm knitting....I'll show you what I'm working on right now later....but believe me you can don't hold your breath.

Remember the blanket
Parker's Blankie
I knit for my friend's grandson....well, as a thank you Parker gave me a gift of some fancy cookies
from a local bakery.
Very unexpected, but greatly appreciated. It's nice to know that my knitting the blanket was appreciated. The little boy was sick in the hospital and they made the point of telling me he had his special blankie with him.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I can visit everyone and get inspired to start some new projects. I definitely need to see what everyone has been up to. I'm still playing catch up here at home and the rest will come along as well, slowly, but surely...I hope.

Happy Knitting :)

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  1. Sounds like a lot of busy! Glad your dad is getting better and congrats to everyone on graduating/house buying and tuba playing!

    I hope you get a little time to bake and knit and relax!

  2. a lot of good things have been happening in your life! congrats to jason on graduating and congrats to you and your hubby sending another one off to college. :) so you've got a tuba player in the house now? hope your dad continues to improve. congratulations to your son and your wife!! the house is gorgeous! love the top you made for your dil too!

  3. Wow!! You've been busy! What an emotional time!!!

    LOVE your son's new house. GORGEOUS!!

    How wonderful that your daughter-in-law appreciates your knitting. I long for the day when my daughter asks me to knit her something. She's only 18, though, and has a long way to go!

    Congrats to your younger son on his band commitment. My son will be on drumline for the second year, and I've seen him blossom!! Band camp will be a hoot for your son!

  4. Wow, I was just thinking of you and wondering if you had posted. Guess I need to check my feedreader more often. You have been super busy. Love the sweater and baby bibs.

  5. Wow, you are busy!!! Congrats on all the big events, and I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better.

  6. glad you are posting again !
    those bibs are addictive ! I am working on a grandmother pound of love prayer garter stitch blanket in white!

  7. I love that Blissful Blue Top! Your daughter-in-law certainly is one lucky lady! :)

  8. Oh shoot! I'm really late getting back here to say hi and give you my most "valuable" opinions on your work. _rolls eyes_ lol
    Truth is, I read this post right after you first published it but had to do something that pulled me away so I left the page thinking I'd be back asap. Well, uh oh, my memory is failing me, I fear. :( I'm so sorry and promise to do better next time. :)

    Congratulations to your graduate and the happy couple! What a beauty their home is!
    I'm very jealous over your new stove 'cause mine is white with black chips where I bang it with my cast iron

    I'm glad you're finding time to knit - the top is beautiful! Love those bibs, too. Hope you're having a great summer!

  9. Artisan bread book sounds interesting ! making bread is getting
    popular- messy but fun !

  10. Wow! You are one busy woman! I am happy to know your Dad is on the mend! I am starting to home school my 9 yr. old daughter this fall, so if you know any homeschooling knitters or bloggers out there in blog-land, I'd love to know about them. My blog has taken a back seat as well, but I am hoping to remedy that soon. I love to blog and I have a talent for it. I don't need to put it aside. That's my way of thinking anyway:)
    Love you:)

  11. Whew...glad to hear your Dad is doing better I know that's a big relief to you.

    Noticed a corner to corner ghan behind the Tuba! lol, love the bright colors.

    Sorry to hear your stove died; but sounds like your new one is great.

    Could you share the bib pattern or tell me where to find it? I like it's simplicity.

    The top for your DIL is great.



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