Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your wish is my command!


You are probably wondering if I'm getting close to finishing all my squares for the Pine Street Inn Knit-a-thon. Well I have added a few to my pile. Total count so far is 24 squares. I need 35 to complete a blanket and I so want to reach my goal. With 7 days left to knit eleven more squares...I'll be sure and do my best.

I'm should I would have, should have had more done by now but I had a request from my college freshman son: a hand knit hat! How could I refuse a request like that. My needles knit as fast as I could possibly knit and I had the hat ready for him in less than a week. He was pleased with it and hopefully it will keep his head and ears warm on his early morning walks to his classes. I used my favorite hat pattern and some Paton's Classic Wool, by the way:
Fig and Plum's Cashmere Ribbed Hat

Now I had better get away from this computer and get going knitting the rest of the squares! Next Sunday is the big event at the Massachusetts State House...can't wait :)

Until next time...happy knitting :)

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  1. That looks like a nice, warm hat.

    Where is your DS going to college?

  2. Those squares are lovely! I cannot wait to see them come together!

  3. That is an impressive pile of squares. Nice Job!

  4. Nice hat, and squares - you have been very busy!

  5. Your squares look great. I hope that you get them all done in time. I love the hat. I would have dropped everything too.

  6. Your son looks like he already enjoys the hat!!

    I truly hope that you reach your goal with your squares and I would love to see the blanket once it is put together.

  7. Beautiful hat!! I know you'll get your squares completed, and please let me know how the Boston knit-a-thon goes!!

    We're just getting started here--just trying to meet some basic needs--and this morning--well, it is 24 degrees--and all I could think about is how it would be to sleep outside in this cold instead of a warm home....


  8. your almost done!! home stretch of squares :) the hat looks super cozy too

  9. wow ! those squares make me dizzy !
    looks like fun to knit! great hat!
    I need to knit myself a hat for Christmas!


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