Saturday, January 15, 2011

Potholders Galore!

This year on my favorite daughter-in-law's Christmas wish list were potholders and kitchen linens. A knitting mother's dream....Can you tell how excited I was? :) She wanted the usual dishcloths and potholders and something else that I'll show you another time (It deserves it's own post.), but the request was also for non-knitted kitchen linens with a morning glory theme (She has a recipe box, clock and curtains with morning glories). I knew I could knit the usual kitchen items for her, but I wasn't too sure they would be the morning glories she was looking for. Do you know how hard it is to find kitchen things with morning glories? You can find just about any other flower out there, but not morning glories.  Her curtains came from kmart, but that's all they have...curtains! I've looked in just about every store and even looked for morning glory fabric, despite the fact I'm not that good at sewing. I ended up emailing my son and he took photos of her recipe box - now I had something to work with:IMG_0406[1]-1

From these photos of her handpainted design I was able to copy it, sort of, and paint a morning glory design on some store bought potholders with fabric paint:
Morning Glory Potholders

She liked them! It was a very feeble attempt at at least trying to fulfill her wish. Personally I like a crocheted or knitted potholder better.

Next, I found a pattern for a super thick and I think quite pretty and decorative potholder. A very interesting pattern and I learned a new crochet stitch (front post double crochet) as well.
Scalloped Potholder

Then, I tried a felted pattern. A super easy one, that I'm sure I'll be using a lot in the future. It makes a nicely sized, thick felted potholder for everyday use.
Potholders before felting
"before" felting
pot holders after felting
"after" felting
It was also a good test of felting with my front loader. I wasn't sure it could be done, but I found out felting in a front loader can be done and I will be trying it again with my latest project, a new pair of slippers for my baby.(I noticed they have a new version of the pattern...I'm still using the old one.)
slippers before felting
"before" felting
I finished the knitting last night. He has worn holes in the top, toe area of the first pair I made for him a few years ago. The sewed on, shelf liner soles have been replace once. It's definitely time for a new pair.  I know -- I should have taken a photo of the old slippers. Come back again later and see the results of the felting process in a front loader. I'm holding my breath AND crossing my fingers and toes...wish me luck!

Happy Knitting :)

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  1. I have the felted slipper pattern, but I've never made them. When the slippers are felted, they look so comfortable.

  2. I love morning glories, so pretty, and you did a great job of the painted ones! I like the crocheted ones, too. I can't go to ravelry on my phone for the pattern - wll have to remember that when we're online, again. Thanks for the link! I have the clog pattern, too, but I've never made them...someday. Have a great week!

  3. Great projects, Deb. You did a wonderful job replicating those morning glories on the potholders. No wonder she liked them! They're beautiful. I also like the crocheted ones, especially the colors you used. Have to check out that pattern. Good luck felting; it's fun, isn't it?

  4. Beautiful work! I love the way you thought outside of the box with those painted pot holders!

  5. Love the potholders. I envy people who can paint. If I had tried to do that it would just look like a big blob of nothing.

  6. the potholders with the morning glories came out cute. i love those crocheted potholders too!

  7. What great felted potholders. I tried that once and the result was something very funny but in no way resembled what I was after.

    Love the painted ones!!

  8. You painted great morning glories on those potholders!! Your DIL will get lots of use out of them and out of the crocheted ones as well. I had never seen felted potholders and will have to try this patter :o) It's nice to know that felting can be done in a front loader - we had to replace our old one and wound up getting a front loader - I must try it out.

  9. Good luck!

    I love the morning glory pot holders. They turned out very well.

  10. Nice work, those crocheted pot holders are so nice! I haven't seen that slipper pattern, but now I'm intrigued.

    I also have to add what a great MIL you are, I wish mine was as nice!

  11. Hey will you be my Mother in law too?

    I love those. They turned out really pretty and the blue colors really pop out. ;)


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