Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Quickie


After knitting my husband's sweater I needed a quick project to make me feel like I was able to accomplish something in a short amount of time. I chose to make something for myself - for a change. Armed with leftover odds and ends of my kitchen cotton, I decided to make a case for my earphones. This is something I've been wanting to make for a while now, but never quite seemed to get around to it. The new case sure beats the ziploc sandwich bag I had been using :)



My grandmother's button box which was handed down to my mother and then to me really came in handy.
I rummaged through my button tin of all kinds of old, really old buttons. I had a few different buttons to choose from, but finally decided on a navy blue one to sew on my case.
We also celebrated my middle son's nineteenth birthday yesterday. He's home from college for the weekend and we decided to celebrate his birthday early since his actual birthday is Monday and he'll be back at school. I can't believe he's nineteen! College is really turning him into a fine young man.  I'm not sure how it happens  whether living away from home makes them more tolerant of their poor old parents or what, but they do become nicer people in general. I know I observed this as it happened to my oldest son. It certainly makes me hopeful the same thing will happen with my youngest. Fun times ahead :) 

I can't believe February is just about over. Where did the month go? I'll be glad to see the spring weather finally arrive. There are no signs of spring around here...still too much snow yet to melt. Good weather though to stay inside and knit. Happy Knitting everyone :)

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  1. Your ear phone case looks great! That's a clever use for those leftover bits of yarn. And I love that the button box is in its third generation. Happy birthday to your son. I can just imagine how appreciative he feels after being without his parents for awhile. ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. I think when you go away to colege you finally realize everything your parents did for you at home and really come to appreciate them more. Having to feed yourself, do your own laundry, make sure you're where you need to be when you need to be for the first time is very eye opening,

  3. Nice bag, and yes, much nicer than a ziplock baggie.

  4. The bag is adorable and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son!

  5. I popped back in this a.m. to see if the comment I left yesterday managed to work and, lo, it didn't. Argh, blogging via phone is crazyfying! Your case is lovely, regardless!

  6. great button box and cute cake !

  7. What a cute little case!!!! GREAT job!

  8. I love the little earphone case. ADORABLE!!!

    Happy birthday to your son. The cake looks delicious.

    I know what you mean about them growing up. Our son moved to his own apartment last weekend. He's about an hour away and we met half-way at a restaurant for dinner tonight. Wow --- what a different person. So grown up now --- cooking all sorts of interesting things, signed up to place ice hockey -- learning all about his new city. It was so cool!

  9. great case for the headphones.. and I love the cake.. m&m's yum! Happy birthday to your son!

  10. Well Happy Birthday to your son ! Your earphone case clever and adorable. I've lost earphones, stepped on them, tangle them all because they are never in the right place. -- I love that the button box is being passed down. I love buttons !

  11. Everything's adorable!
    Comment and let me know what type of fiber from the stash you'd like me to send!

  12. i love your earphone case that you made! very cute. :) wow...19 years old, huh? very nice cake. february did indeed fly by.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little container. It came out great. What a good idea. Quickie, sure got my attention. lol I know what you mean about needing something quick after you've worked on a large or difficult project. I need to make one for my daughter. Hubby would never use one, but needs it. know what I mean? lol

  14. oooh that is really cute. I love old buttons. My Grandma used to have my string them on a piece of yarn.

  15. What a great way to use up odd bits of yarn although your bag doesn't look like it's make from leftovers! You're right February zipped on by, and I hope it took the snow with it!

  16. Fun cake!

    Nice earphone case, too. I never really considered making a case for earphones, but it's a good idea.

    If I had a button tin like that, I'd be pretty happy. My grandmother's button tin of her old buttons that I have is much smaller at about 4"x 3"x 3", and there's not a lot to choose from, but I'm still pleased to have it.

  17. Yeah - I changed blogs AGAIN. ;)

    Hope you have a great week. ;)



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