Friday, April 01, 2011

At the half way point


I've reached the half way point with my knitting of the Circle Baby Blanket. Good thing --  because I only have less than two weeks to finish the blanket. I'm chugging along, but at the same time my mind wanders on to the thought of some new projects. I'm committed to getting this done so I must stay focused :)

A little update on Miss Shirley Pink. On one hand she's still alive and her two blossoms are just as pretty as the first day I brought her home a little over a week ago, BUT there has been some casualties. She has lost three or her buds, which never even opened. I'm sad. Here are the two bigger buds she lost:
IMG_1008There is one more bud, but it doesn't look like it will be around for much longer. I've done a little research and found there are few causes of bud dropping or technically speaking - - bud blast . Changes in temperature, not enough light, not enough or too much water, using water that has been softened or fertilizing too much,  drafts, or fumes from chemicals or gas are all possible causes of bud blast. I have a feeling that my plant may have been temperature shocked. It was very cold the day I brought her home. I did put her in a paper bag and covered the top with a plastic bag. On sunny days the room she's in gets pretty warm, not hot, but then at night it gets chilly. She is also in a room that has a gas heater in it and I think the 2nd or 3rd night the heat was on to take the evening chill off. Perhaps the gas fumes from the heater may have affected the buds. Another thought is perhaps it's  the tap water I've been using. May be I should try distilled water?

The good news is that on the tippy top of the flower stem is a tiny bud starting to form. It wasn't there to begin with, so I'm hopeful Miss Pink may produce one more flower. My fingers are crossed.

Pine St. Inn Knit-a-thonPine St. Inn Knit-a-thon 2010Other noteworthy news... particularly if you are on facebook,  be sure and check out the Pine Street Knit-a-thon page.

The knit-a-thon is a great way to use your knitting and crochet skills to help end homelessness.

Be sure and "like" the knit-a -thon page. The more exposure the KAT gets, the more likely the KAT will attract the attention  of national sponsors to support the Pine Street Inn.   Farley will be announcing the venue for the 5th annual Knit-a-thon on November 6, 2011 soon, perhaps next week. I can only imagine the coming event will be bigger and better than last year. Come join us, either knit or crochet some squares or help assemble the blankets. It's all fun and for such a great cause. Can't wait to start my squares.  The way the time is flying by,  November will be here before you know it :)

Have a great weekend...happy knitting everyone :)

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  1. Love your circle blanket. Very pretty!

    I don't think I would use distilled water for your orchid. Do you have a water softener that would have salts in it? If it's just tap water that's fine OR use water from your outside faucet that doesn't get softened.

    The drop was most likely caused by a change in temps and lighting between the store and your house. It happens a lot and really not something to worry about. All of my phals bud-blasted to some degree this year.

  2. Love the baby blanket and the color you are using.

    I think tap water would be better for Miss Pink than distilled.

  3. I'm with Nancy. I love that baby blanket and the color!! Oh my's true love indeed!!!

  4. I love your baby blanket! Hope you can stay focussed to get it done. I know I would have trouble doing that. As soon as I think of new projects I want to get started.

    On the orchid front - You are blaming yourself for the bud drop. I doubt if this problem has anything to do with your care of this orchid. Bud drop is a common problem when orchids are shipped to stores for sale. They look great for a little while (hopefully long enough for them to be sold) and then the buds drop off. If you go back to the store where you bought it I am sure you will see many other plants with this same problem. So stop blaming yourself. Leave the stem on the plant after all the flowers are spent. It will likely send out a new shoot that will flower again. It may take a year or so. You have to be patient when it comes to orchids.

  5. Well, if Dee has orchids drop buds that should make you (and me) feel better, eh? My orchid seems to be pouting~didn't like our being gone, I guess. LOL Love your blanket; that is quite a project and turning out really well.

  6. I love your circle blanket!! It looks so warm and cozy.

    Your orchid should "get better" soon. This has happened to us also and my husband says to just be patient.

    I did go and like the Pine Street Knit-a-Long Page. I'll be knitting up a couple of squares for them this year :o)

  7. Wow, the blanket is looking fabulous! I've never knitted a baby blanket (only crocheted a few) so I'm in awe of anyone who does. I wish I could help on the orchid front, but I can only admire Miss Shirley's beauty as I have no skills with keeping orchids. I have been wanting one since I saw yours, though. *giggles* Have a great week!

  8. Oh I am so sad your flower is loosing it's buds. It would NEVER live in my house with the kids and cat. Maybe I can knit one ;) LOL

    Your blanket looks great. I bet it is nice and warm too. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Hope you have a great week. ;)

  9. Love the's coming along. Your ghans are quite nice. I've sent a couple of ghans to Pine Street, but focus more on my own charity for the homeless. Lots of cold folks here. I too from time to time collect squares and join them.
    Happy Monday
    ***hey by the way, many thanks YOU are my top talker! Check it out

  10. The circle blanket is looking great. I tend to lose interest in blankets quickly. :~)

  11. knowing you, you're going to whip through the blanket so you can get to those new projects you'd like to start. sorry to hear about the bud loss. :( I'm sure it was heartbreaking! our orchid is having issues too but that's due to my overwatering. ay! :P

  12. I really like the idea of using the circle slip stitch pattern for a baby blanket. It will take some stamina from the knitter, but what a cool idea!

  13. You probably did fine by Miss Shirley. Phals like a normal household temp and the light looks fine for it too. It probably got chilled at the market or in transit to it. I always get good plants at Trader Joe's because they have quick turnover of their plants, maybe you should try there next time.

  14. cute blanket! and I've tried so hard to keep orchids alive and I'm just not good at it! I am sure Miss Pink will rebound!


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