Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now I can show you...

...the kitchen items I made for my "knit loving" daughter-in-law. Her birthday is tomorrow, but she picked up her gift yesterday.

This is a photo of some of the items. Four of the dishcloths I made previously. You probaby recognized them. Top pair are the Corner to Corner Striped Set and on the right, a pair of Circle cloths.


The rest are a couple of the new patterns I tried out. Now I have some new favorites, like these double knit potholders. Very utilitarian, unlike the fancier ones I made for her for Christmas. She tells me they are decorating the fridge as she doesn't want to ruin them. I hope she'll use these new ones, plus I always tell her there are always more where they came from ;).


Another pattern I tried out was a variation of Grandmother's favorite which is a very easy and beloved pattern, so I never anticipated all the trouble with this picot edged cloth. It was unbelievably frustrating trying to follow the pattern.This pattern has short row corners, which I had never done before, so I was unable to see just where I was going wrong. I was just about ready to give up when I scoped out what others said about the pattern on ravelry. I'm certainly not the first to have a problem and it was a relief to find a kind soul who posted her corrections for the pattern on her ravelry page. She's not the designer, but was kind enough to share her solution to the problems everyone was having with the pattern. In the end, the end result was two very pretty cloths. As my "Knit Loving "- DIL, says they are too pretty to use, but I do hope she'll use them as I will always make her more new ones :)


This next item is what I think is a rather elegant looking towel. I think it would make a nice hand towel or a decorative towel to lay out on your kitchen counter to drain your washed dishes on. It's a little dressy so if you haven't had the chance to put all your dishes away, it will look nice and less messy on your counter. Here some shots of the bubble up towel, another of my new favorites. It looks difficult, especially the bubble work, but it was really easy. I do love it and have another one on the needles for my kitchen at the moment.




Of course I can not leave you with out giving you the latest news about Miss Shirley Pink :)  One of her buds opened up this week and there will be another one opening shortly...


...need I say more?  She makes me very happy!

Spring flowers also make me happy as well. Here's a little sampling from my yard:
1. IMG_1084, 2. IMG_1083, 3. IMG_1082, 4. IMG_1128

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Happy Knitting :)

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  1. Your daughter-in-law is very lucky, what a gift!

  2. Wow, you created a wonderful gift for your DIL. As TeaMouse said, she is a very lucky girl. I especially like the hand towel. I may have to knit one of those.

  3. I have had that towel in my queue for quite awhile. I may finally need to cast on for it.

  4. That Bubble Up towel is very cool. Your daughter-in-law is a very lucky girl.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous! I especially love the bright yellow tulips. Isn't spring wonderful.:) And I'm glad to see Miss Shirley is blooming again.. She must like her new home.
    Your dil is certainly blessed to have such a nice mil. All the cloths are wonderful. My favorite is the picot edged cloth. I can't believe I'd never seen it. Thanks so much for the link. I'm with the other readers on the towel - it's the best looking towel I've seen in a while, maybe ever. Again, thanks for the link, it's a keeper for sure.
    Have a great knitty week!

  6. Great gifts and that towel, wow.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!!

  7. That hand towel is really pretty! I might have to give it a whirl; I especially like the effect of the edge stitch. Your picot cloth pattern is a bit different from mine. The picots on mine are more pronounced..2 BO stitches and then there are 2 rows between the picot rows that just have the yo. And it does have the end on 8 stitches part which is interesting. Don't know if you can see the difference between your photo and mine or not, but it was interesting to compare the two. I did that circle stitch on a baby bunting and blue circles, fun!

  8. i am sure your dil loved the latest kitchen items you made for her. i love the double knit potholders and the bubble wrap towel!

  9. What lovely gifts!! I think my favorite is the dish towel! Wonderful job!

  10. You've been busy! How nice your DIL enjoys and appreciates your knitting. Love the colors, such pretty blues. I hope she uses them too. A towel to lay things on the that idea. I have a rubber thing I got at Bed Bath and Beyond that works, but isn't the least bit attractive. Great idea.

    Glad you enjoyed my story about crocheting.

  11. I hadn't seen that picot edged dishcloth. Very nice. Short row corners...hmm. Looks interesting...and I will look for the corrections if I give it a try.

  12. What beautiful flowers!

    And the towel detail is gorgeous!

  13. ooooh ooooh I think I need to make a dishcloth or something now. ;) I've been reading more than crafting lately. Everything looks awesome. I really like the towel. That would be cute in a bathroom too.

  14. Me popping back in to say, TGIF, hope your wkend is great.

    Am suggesting to a few a favorite bloggers that they experiment a week by taking their word verification off and see how well the filter works with no spam. The word verifications take lots of extra time, and are very hard to read. You can make the change in your settings.

  15. Beautiful sets!

    A special award in tribute to your wonderful blog awaits you- if you wish to accept and participate you can get instruction when you visit my blog.

  16. What a lovely gift! I especially like the towel, looks great in white and blue. Your orchid blooms so pretty too!

  17. The kitchen items look fantastic. I love that towel! Never thought to knit one. Miss Shirley Pink is doing very well in your loving home with your loving care. I knew she would respond once she realized she was in a kind place with no worries about cold drafts, hit and miss waterings and long travels.


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