Friday, July 01, 2011

Too much to do, too little time!

I can't believe June is gone. July is here...already. My blog has been neglected and my knitting has been slow going. I've been busy with all the everyday goings on, plus I've been busy getting ready for two special visitors. My sister "D" who I've never met is traveling with her husband from Oregon by train to visit me. I'm super excited and the wait seems endless. Originally the cross country journey was supposed to be three and a half days, but due to the flooding in North Dakota they had to be rerouted to a southern route through California which made the trip a day longer. Then once on the trip they were rerouted once again. This time they had to stay overnight in Denver. Again they were delayed another day. Hopefully if all goes well they will finally arrive here in the evening on this coming Sunday! I imagine they will be exhausted when they arrive. They do not have a sleeping car as one would have been too costly. I just hope and pray they have been having a pleasant trip. I'm sure there will be many stories to tell of all of their experiences!! Can't wait to see them!!   Just to help you understand our relationship: my sister and I have the same father. My birth father who died when I was five months old, was previously married to "D"'s mother and divorced, before he married my mother. Even though we have never met in person, I feel like I know "D". I have only talked to "D" a handful of times on the phone, but have corresponded with her for just about my whole life. My other sister "K" who is 12 years older than me, met "D" when she traveled to Oregon to spend the summer with "D" and her family the summer (1963) she graduated from high school. The plan is to have a reunion with "K" and "D" and myself sometime this coming week. "K" lives in Connecticut and we'll meet somewhere at a half way point. This should be interesting for them to see each other again after all theses years. "D" is the one who always sends me her beautiful hand spun yarn for my birthday. This year she didn't send me any yarn. Instead she sent me an amazing knitting book. IMG_1207This book has everything you every wanted to know about knitting, plus a whole lot more. It was a very special gift. As you have probably guessed, "D" and myself share the same love of knitting :) "D" was worried that she would run out of yarn during her train travel, so she mailed a large box of gorgeous yarn to me to make sure she would have enough yarn for her return trip. All those days on the can only imagine how much knitting she'll be doing! We are also looking forward to knitting together during her visit. Looking forward to having another girl in the house...I'm so much out numbered with all of my boys. Can't wait!!

Now on to my knitting progress...I did manage to finished a couple of things. A baby blanket for my husband's niece who is expecting a baby. She's visiting this weekend and I wanted to make sure the blanket was finished so she could bring it back to Florida with her.IMG_1187Not knowing the sex of this baby I decided to make a white blanket this time. Since it's a Florida baby I thought a lacy blanket might be nice. IMG_1184Pine Forest Baby Blanket is a very easy pattern, but I have to admit I did have a little trouble and I had to rip back so many times that I lost count. It wasn't the pattern's was all because of me trying to knit when I was too sleepy. I've been super tired lately and need toothpicks to keep my eye's open!

The other project I finished last night was another bubble up towel. IMG_1198
This time for me! It photographed poorly. The yellow color is very washed out. It definitely is a bright yellow towel.IMG_1205 The yarn also had some imperfections. The solid stockinette really accentuate the flaws. It's for me and will be a kitchen towel so that's fine. This one seemed to take forever to finish. I think I should have waited a little bit longer after finishing the previous one. The typical "second" know like the second sock syndrome ;)I also have to report that there was no sewing involved. I tried the method of picking up the hem stitches and bound off at the same time to form the hem. I definitely will be using that technique again. You all know how much I dislike sewing!!

Well, for those of you in the US, have a very happy 4th of July weekend. I know this 4th of July will be truly a special one for me. Happy Knitting :)


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  1. The baby blanket is gorgeous! Thanks for the pattern link.

    Have a good visit with your sisters - make some wonderful new memories.

  2. I'm so happy for you to be meeting up with your sister after all this time. Best wishes. :-)

  3. oh, that is so exciting to get to meet your sister and to get to have the three of you together. :) i hope after this reunion there can be more for you. :) love the baby blanket! have a wonderful time with your sisters.

  4. Have a great visit with your sister!

  5. what a lucky lucky baby! The blanket it gorgeous

    Enjoy your time with your sisters. How exciting to see D face to face for the first time!

    I'm not a fan of sewing on my knitting projects either... leave that to finishing sewing projects!

    Enjoy your 4th!

  6. I have been reading your knitting blog since 2005 and really look forward to it.
    I have knit several of your patterns and want to thank you for sharing them with all of us.
    I am very thrilled and excited for you meeting up with your sisters.
    I know it will be one of the best times in your life for the three of you to be together.
    Life is good, enjoy it!

  7. It sounds like you're going to have an exciting holiday. Hope everyone is safe and having a good time. The blanket is gorgeous, as usual.

    Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. I need it ever so much! The mechanics of life can be tiresome sometimes!

  8. That's a pretty dynamic and exciting story about you and your sister. So nice that you are getting together and that she loves knitting. The book looks wonderful. I am totally wowed by your baby blanket. I just may do that one ! I absolutely love the towel. I love that fancy bottom ! Very nice post.

  9. What a nice get together for you and your sisters! It's wonderful that D knits. One of my sisters knits so I know how great that is to have it in common. I've never heard of the book, but it sure sounds like a good one.

    The baby blanket looks flawless! Really, I'd have to say it was machine made if I didn't know better.

    That's the cutest towel pattern I've seen. The colors you chose look great. Thanks for the link.

    I'm neglecting my blog, too, so don't feel bad. Hope you had a great 4th of July. :)

  10. are such a SLACKER!!! Here, you've been planning for a visit from the sister you haven't met, and all you managed to knit in 10 days time is an ENTIRE beautiful lace baby blanket and a really cool towel. Lordy, you are a knitting dynamo!

  11. That's one fabulous blanket! And you did it in 10 days? I'm on week 6 with my picot one...... Your bubble towel is on my to-do list. What kind of yarn did you use?

    Have a fabulous visit with your sisters! It sounds like you have a lot in common.

  12. How wonderful! I can only imagine how excited you are.

    My parents divorced when I was one and by six my older sister had moved to be with my Dad. I have no memories of these early years with her. So I knew I had a sister but we rarely saw each other and when she did pop in to my city it was a short visit as she stayed elsewhere. When I got married I decided she must be in the wedding party. We reconnected and we've been close every since. Like you and your sister we both knit like crazy and we have so much in common. I was surprised how comfortable it felt, there is something special about family it always feels right to be together no matter how much time has passed.

    You're baby blanket looks so nice, I did that pattern for a throw for my sister but I had used some variegated and it doesn't show the lace off that well.

  13. The blanket turned out great. Love the look, I must check out the pattern. Hope you had a wonderful visit, probably a bit nerve racking meeting your half sister for the first time.

  14. Nice knitting! Love the baby blanket and the towel:)

  15. Me again, popping in to say hi.

  16. I love everything you knit! What a lovely story and lovely book! That is a beautiful blanket!I keep forgeting to try making those beautiful bobble edged towels of yours! Must fing time....

  17. 4th time I have tried to comment. Apparently blogger doesn't like me commenting from my iPOD.

    Your baby blanket is just beautiful and I love the dish towel as well. It would brighten up any kitchen.

    I can't wait to hear about your time with your sister. What an interesting story. ;)

  18. pine forest is on my list which keeps getting longer !


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