Monday, November 13, 2006

Recent yarn acquisitions

On a recent trip to Pasa Yarns in Uxbridge, I acquired some new yarn. Pasa Yarns is an interesting place to visit. They sell yarn by the pound ( very reasonably priced I might add) on the second floor of an old mill (next to Berrocco, which unfortunately does not sell to the public! ). The place is rather messy, but they do have lots of interesting yarns. There are endless boxes in several rooms filled with all sorts of yarn on cones.
I lucked out on this day because I got some beautiful 100% wool. Very nice royal blue that I hope to use for felting. I also got some natural wool which hopefully if I don't chicken out will be my yarn dyeing experiment. I've been wanting to try my hand at dyeing, but have been afraid to try. I think I'll be ok once I take the plunge :) Once the holidays are all over I think I will conduct my experiment.
I also got a big cone of natural colored 100% cotton chenille. If I do well with my dyeing experiment, maybe I will try dyeing this yarn as well. The chenille is an incredibly soft yarn and I know it will make nice washcloths and towels. They didn't have any when I was there, but they also carry sock yarn. Must try knitting socks first though to make sure I like knitting them, then the next time I go I'll get some sock yarn. Too bad that it's a little bit of a trip for me or a would go more often just to see what they have in stock.
The last yarn that I bought were some cones of a wool/boucle blend that I am going to mix with simply soft from Michael's for a sweater for me. I want it easy care...machine washable and dryable. I love the colors. I think it will look nice with jeans. Previously I made a hat and scarf for my husband with a similar yarn with wonderful results. That's it for now... happy knitting :)


  1. LOVE that cotton chenille! I can just imagine the nice, soft and cushy cloths it will make! :)

  2. The undyed looks tempting - dyeing is almost as good as knitting! Good luck - can't wait to see the final result. x

  3. Yarn by the pound? Must. check. flights. to. MA, USA.(drool)



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