Friday, January 26, 2007

New "Blogger" and a pair of new socks!

Well, I had quite the surprise when I logged into blogger this morning! They said I could switch now...really...and if I didn't want to do it NOW... I could go back to my dashboard, but I would only have one more time to go back and switch. Well, I went for it and it went through. I really didn't think anything would happen. I've hit that button so many times I couldn't even tell you the number! Guess they were sick of me :) I didn't even have to unsubscribe from my Mason-Dixon KAL and Zimmermania. I can still post to these blogs, but they will remain in the old version until the owners switch. I am hoping and crossing my fingers when I publish this page everything will be fine.
The other good news I have is that I finished my other sock. Now I have a handknitted pair of woolease socks, perfect for snowy days when I wear my duck shoes! No more cold feet for me.

If I said the second sock was knitted without a hitch I'd be lying! The first one went so smoothly that I surprised myself. The second one, well not so good. My first hint of trouble was decreasing the gusset. I made the mistake of doing this while watching "24". That was my first mistake. I ended up with one too many stitches on one side. Being the perfectionist (wanna be) I figured I better rip it back and fix the mistake. Ok, did that and then did fine until I hit the toe...kitchener graft. Well, I thought I could do the graft with out looking at the instructions. Well, I was WRONG! That had to be ripped out, too, and that wasn't a very easy task. Now it's over and done with and I learned a lesson...don't get too comfortable yet with sock knitting ...I have a long way to go and a lot still to learn. Good thing I picked up my own copy of Sensational Knitted Socks (ACMoore- 50 % off coupon) last Tuesday!

Happy knitting :)


  1. Wow, sorry you had such a hard time, but they look beautiful!

  2. Those look great!
    I can't knit much while watching something like 24, either!

  3. 50% off coupon??!! How'd you get that? Dang! I paid $24 for that book. Good book, though, yes?:) Got to get going on my socks. I have 2 skeins of hand dyed I have yet to knit up. I'm ashamed of myself!
    (Too much bloggin'/not enough knittin')


  4. Ypur socks turned out great. SKS has some great tips, you will like that book.

  5. oooh, what a nice pair of socks! : )

    glad you were finally able to switch to the new blogger. i think it has a few of its own quirks, but i suppose that is to be expected.

    oh! and in response to your comment on my blog, my potholders aren't going to be felted because they're just cotton, but a felted one would probably be really nice and heat resistant.

  6. Well, it might not have been easy, but you did it! I like what's under your socks too! What is it?
    I had to switch to the new blogger. Didn't want to, but yesterday, I couldn't log on to my old blogger and believe me I've tried so many times. Had to switch. Grrrrr! By the way, why do I always pay full price? Oh, yeah, because I can't wait.

  7. mine said the same thing!! that I'd only get one more chance. yesterday, I avoided it and didn't click on anything but today I did it! so far so good, right? congrats on your first pair of socks! What are they resting on??

  8. The socks look great!! I'm totally jealous. I had to rip out the start of my second sock :-( I also cannot knit much during 24...way too intense.


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