Thursday, August 14, 2008

My first Olympic project and more

I finished my first Olympic project, Lattice Facecloth (free ravelry download) for the ravelympics and received this medal:

I used cottontots yarn. While the yarn is super soft and makes for a lovely facecloth, I am disappointed in how it turned out. For this pattern I think I should have used a solid color.

I also finished Olympic sock #1. This sock is knit toe up. I used the short row heels and toes from my toe-up totem pattern (I discovered a couple of minor typos, which I will fix hopefully soon. Sorry if anyone has had trouble with the pattern because of it) and the stitch pattern from the Circle Socks. I love the results!! I also did my first stretchy bind off. The directions can be found here. I love this bind off. Great for binding off the purl stitches. I can see myself using it again and again and not just for socks.
This sock fits great. The pattern itself is very stretchy and to top it off- it's a very easy knit. I have a regret though...I should have paid more attention to where in the striping pattern I started my cast on for the first sock. I sure hope I can try to match them up. I still have lots to learn in the sock knitting department :)

In my last post I was very negligent. I forgot to post the pictures of my very generous yarn prize from Bumpydoink. In addition to the yarn, she sent me a cute alligator scarf pattern. Thanks so much Aim. There are three beautiful and colorful yarn skeins. I have an idea of what I want to make with it, but still need to investigate a bit. Sure hope it works out!

The last two photos-I am posting for Tea. This is the Raggedy Anne my dear mother made for me when I was a little girl. Toni was interested in seeing her. Toni made a crocheted doll that reminded me of my doll a while back and had photos on her blog. At the time I had no idea where my Miss Rags was, so I promised her if she was ever located I would post photos.

This doll is very special to me. Not just because my dear mother (who passed away in 2000, and I still miss terribly) made it for me. It's special because my mother was not a sewer. In fact my father had to teach her how to use a sewing machine. She could mend by hand, but she never would sew on a sewing machine. This Raggedy Anne was a real feat for her. She did it on the sly and with the help of her friends who loved to sew. When I received it, it was a huge surprise for me. I was very proud of her and I think she was pretty pleased and proud of herself as well. Check out the lace pantaloons. If I remember correctly the lace is antique.
Now I have to put her in a safe place that I will remember!!

One more week and then school starts up again on the 26th. I'm dreading getting the boys up for school again and the general old run around. Should be different though the running around part this year as my middle guy will be learning to drive. He's been in driver's ed this week and will go and get his permit tomorrow if all goes well. No stopping him now. Wish me luck...I'm going to need it...I've already been warned not to use the brake on the passenger side. I just can't help all reflex ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone :)


  1. Your doll is so sweet, that's so special! Congrats on getting a ravelympics project done already. The socks are very nice - they look comfy. I've always thought that alligator scarf is adorable, nice prize!

  2. Congrats on you Olypmic project. And the socks are wonderful.
    I am surprise I have not put my foot through the floor board in the car trying to use that nonexisting brake. At least I never grabbed the whell like the DH does. That really unnerves them

  3. I used to have a rag doll, not sure if it was handmade though.

    Congrats on finishing a project already, and the socks look really good

  4. Great knitting - love the socks! The doll is so cute and how nice you have something like that from your Mom. I don't drive with my kids - I did it with the oldest one and it was just too scary!

  5. Congratultaions on your first medal! I find it interesting what the yarn did with this cloth. The sock looks great, I like the circle patterning.
    Your doll is adorable, and you still have it! That's' really special.
    I know what you mean with your passanger break! I still am very uncomfortable driving with my daughter. :o)

  6. Those socks are awesome. I too am working on a pair, toe up, short row heel and toe for the Ravelympics. Great job!!
    And the dishcloth is pretty too. Love the cottontots!

  7. Oh, I love Miss Raggs!!!!
    She's in gorgeous shape & those pantaloons are the most elegant ones I've ever seen on a RA doll!
    I can see that your mom poured her heart into making her. What a treasure!! I'm so glad you found her. Thank you for sharing the pictures. :)

    I think the facecloth is very nice. Love the medal. ;)
    Your sock looks wonderful!

    I decided to sit out the lympics. Tryin' to be good, but when the dishrag tag box gets here, I'm givin' in.

  8. Yeah for you !!! I don't know what you mean about that facecloth. I love the way the pattern turned out. The socks are very nice too !
    Carry on !

  9. Congrats on finishing a Ravelympics project! I still haven't finished one of mine yet.

    I love that doll! What a treasure!

    Good luck on the middle one and the driving. I am so not looking forward to more of that. :P


  10. Congrats on crossing the finish line and getting your medal! :)

  11. Congrats! Cool medal! (Reminds me I better get cracking on my project if I want one too)

    Driving! How exciting and nerve-racking!

  12. What a sweet doll! And I do like the way the washcloth came out - congrats!

  13. What a special doll your mother made for you! Just imagine how much joy your gifts must be bringing to others in the same way.

    Good for you with your Olympic goals!

  14. I love your dolly! Such a cute Raggedy Ann. My mom tried to get me interested in RA when I was little, but I always thought she was kinda wierd looking ;p That's what you get from a spoiled 1960's kid!

    Good luck with the yarn--can't wait to see what you do with it!

  15. Great job and congrats on your olympic medal! I too have that Aligator pattern and need to get around to making it soon.

  16. All of your knitting is beautiful! I will be thinking of you now that your son is driving. I recently lived through driver's ed, and I need to go get my permit. I don't think I would want to ride with me... :)

  17. what a special dolly that is and I love her lace knickers! I am so glad I don't have to do the school run any more...I loved my children around me all summer and was always so sad when they went back to school....they do learn to drive so early! Lovely socks too!

  18. That little doll is precious! What a lovely story.

  19. nice sock! I love the zigzag in your cloth..... I'm running out of ravelympic juice.

  20. Those socks look fantastic! And what a special doll you have there. All the memories make her even more dear. I miss my mom too.

  21. The yarn looks yummy! Will be fun to see how it works up. Nice pattern on the face cloth. I've not watched much of the Olympics, nor did I join in any of fun with it...just didn't think I had time with my other commitments...perhaps when it's time for the Winter Ones, I'll be caught up enough to join in the fun.


  22. yay for the ravelympics medal! your projects are looking good (as always). : )

  23. hakucho, I think your facecloth is lovely. I really like using CottonTots for its softness. I went to Ravelry following your link and downloaded the pattern. Thanks for putting it on your site.

  24. Wow ... the Raggety Anne is amazing. I have the original mass-produced Anne and Andy from the early 70s when I was a kid. They're my favorite. I'm 45 now and they sit on a display shelf in my bedroom. Your mother (my mom died in 1980 when I was 17 and I still cry for her) left you a beautiful gift.


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