Sunday, August 31, 2008

A very frustrating weekend...

On Thursday things started going down hill rather fast. Our internet connection was getting slower and slower and then finally it came to a complete halt. We reset the cable modem and then we lost our phone. No internet, no phone. Yes, we did have cable TV. Thank goodness we have a cell phone. Called Comcast for help. To make a long story short we just got the internet and phone back today. There was a huge mix up at Comcast...poor communication within this communications giant. The whole thing was very frustrating. The good thing though our internet connection right now is working very, very well. I think perhaps things have been going bad for a long time now. Keep your fingers crossed for us. All is good now! (except fot the fact now I have to struggle to play blogging catch up again...and I didn't even get to go away this time!)Here is another pair of circle socks. Remember in my last post that I went in search of an extra skein of yarn(Paton's Kroy Socks Stripes) because I was afraid the two original skeins wouldn't be enough. Well, after all that.... I didn't end up using the third skein! They are a little shorter than my first pair of circle socks, but they seem perfectly fine. I'm going to take the extra skein back and exchange it for a different colorway and buy another skein. Now that I know I can make a decent pair of socks with only two skeins I think I would rather knit another pair later. Small yardage, but I think it makes a nice pair of socks for a reasonable cost, especially when you can buy the skeins with 40 or 50% off coupons from Joann's.
I know one sock looks bigger than the other. Trust me they are the same size. I have no idea why they photographed that way. The foot part matches perfectly, but the leg part not quite so good. I have no idea what happened there as I was very careful to start each sock in the same part of the colorway. Oh, well they are just socks :)

I also promised to show you all of my sock blockers. I have two pairs of the smaller adjustable womens sized blockers. One pair of longer womens sized and three pairs of the larger mens sized, one pair being adjustable. These will be nice once I start making socks for my boys. Not quite sure if they will appreciate them yet, but when and if they do...I'll be ready.
Hope everyone is enjoying this last weekend of summer. It certainly was a glorious day today. I will keep the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding area in my prayers. Hope and pray the area will be spared from damages from the approaching hurricane.

Happy Knitting everyone :)


  1. isn't it funny how dependent we are on the internet now? Maybe even more so than a phone? Anyway, I'm glad your back up and running and have a strong internet connection again! and the socks are great and your sock blockers are toooooo! I love how "old fashioned" they are. Have a happy Labor Day!

  2. Ugh, that is the most frustrating thing!! Love the socks AND the sock blockers!!

  3. Isn't that crazy?...commications company can't keep you communicating. Glad you're back up and running.
    Love the socks and the awesome sock blockers.

  4. I have had similar frustrations lately--tried to change my page look and Blogger lost my blogroll list. I have spent #)8#$>~ hours rebuilding it this past week. And I still want to change my page look....

    Love your blockers! Hope your Labor day is wonderful =)

  5. My parents have the same company, and had similar issues...but they just couldn't get tv on one tv then it was both tvs...and then it took how long to get somebody there, and, and, and. Gotta love it.

    This solidifies it. I don't know how much work those circle socks are (and how much attention I will have to pay) but they are WORTH it. Excellent job again.

    Do you have any sock blocker tutorials??? Ya know the only reason I want sock blockers is to photo the socks. I should just go and buy the placemats from SA......but NOOOOOOO!

    Enjoy tomorrow!

  6. We go through periods with Comcast where things work/don't work, half work...and we call and call and finally things get fixed and work...until the next time. Great socks!

  7. It is frustrating indeed when these communication links we've come to rely on fail us. I'm glad you're back on line!

    Speaking of New Orleans and communications, I heard several "all circuits are busy" messages before I finally reached my evacuating family on their cell phone. Text messages went through fairly quickly, but voice to voice was quite busy.

  8. HI kadezmom,

    I made these frugal sock blockers which were pretty easy to make and the best part they didn't cost me a penny, because I recycled some old placemats I had on hand. I'm a packrat, so it's not surprising I would have some. You can find bargains on placemats and if your feet aren't too big you probably can make a pair from one placemat :)

  9. I love your socks! The color is beautiful.

  10. glad that your systems are all up and running again! you just never know when things like that will happen. O__o

    great socks! i have never seen the kroy at our joann's... hmm.

  11. Oh my I hate when I am with out internet. The phone I don't care so much about. Sounds like Cmcast is the same everywhere.

    Your socks look great!!

  12. When my internet is down, I find I get so much more accomplished - just by being forced to do something else. I'm glad you got yours fixed (it is frustrating). And the socks are gorgeous. They're beautiful, fun and functional. What more could you want in a sock.

  13. So happy to hear your internet is back. Having no internet is almost as bad as having no electricity. We really don't think about how much we rely on these things until they are not working.

    Thanks for sharing photos of your sock blockers.

  14. Your socks are very cute! I love that colorway & the pattern. You're very blessed to have those sock blockers. They're the best being adjustable, & I love how they have wavy sides, so casual.

    Oh, how I relate to internet frustration. It only took 8 minutes to load your sock pic. It's not always like that, but it today is.
    Tomorrow...hope springs eternal.
    Have a great week!

  15. Love the socks and sock blockers. Sorry you had to spend the whole weekend with out the net. I would have been lost with out it for that long.

  16. A whole weekend without the Internets? The horror! :-o

    At least you had some lovely socks to comfort you. :-)

  17. Technology! I'm glad you're up and running again. The socks look great! And I love the sock blockers. Good work!!

  18. Wonderful socks!! And the blockers are great too!

  19. internet and no phone? i'm sure you got a lot of knitting done though. look at these new circle socks! ;) that has happened to me before too with the kroy sock yarn! i also bought an extra skein and ended up not needing it! i can't wait to see socks on all your sock blockers. :D

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  21. Glad you got your puter back, it makes you feel so disconnected without it. I know, been there. errrrrr

    Love the socks, and your cute blockers too!

    Sorry you couldn't find the skein of yarn, thats always sooooooo iffy. But, looks like the socks came out fine and dandy anyway.

    Have a great wk,

  22. I am so envious of your sock blockers! And the circle socks look fabulous. I printed the pattern but I can't start anything new until all my birthday/holiday knitting is done. Must.not.cast.on.


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