Saturday, February 06, 2010

More neglected dishcloths

I have been very neglectful in showing you the rest of the dishcloths I knit last September - give or take a little bit.

As you probably already know I love trying new patterns, especially dishcloths. They are wonderful to use not only as dishcloths, but washcloths as well. Even more important they make good gifts and are wonderful to have a bunch ready made in case an occasion turns up.

Like this one:
This is the gift package I made up for my daughter-in-law's shower back in October. I wanted her to have another package to open up beside the crockpot and super duper crock-pot cookbook
I gave to her. She was thrilled to open up this package. She loves my dishcolths :)  In addition to my circle cloths I added a few new ones.

Playful Plaid by Solmama:
and Slippery Zig Zag:

which looks great on both sides, here's the back:

For quite some time I have been wanting to try some of Solmama's patterns. I was not satisfied after the first two, so I had to keep trying them. The next one I tried was the Greek Key cloth:

and the Harmonic Mosaic Cloth:

She still has more that I haven't tried, so be sure and check her blog out.

Knitting all of these mosaic slipped stitch cloth then inspired me to try a couple more slipped stitched cloths of my own:

I really had fun knitting these. I do love my slip stitch cloths!

Then last but not least is also another one that I've seen around for a long time, but had never tried until recently....the Chinese Waves cloth:

Now you can see I really was busy back then even though I wasn't blogging regularly!

Happy Knitting :)


  1. Wow ! Now that's a lot of cloths ! They are beautiful also. I should do some. These would make nice in between projects. Thanks !

  2. OMG I love everyone one of them. Your colors choices are awesome!!! Now to go follow your links ;-)

    Hugs hon!!!!

  3. They are gorgeous! I love the slipped stitch cloths.

  4. you, my dear, have been quite cloth happy! they are all wonderful especially those last few and that zig zaggy one! i'll have to check out that crock pot cookbook you gave your dil too. :)

  5. I'm glad you remembered to take lots of pictures when you made all those dishcloths. They're all beautiful!
    I will always love knitted cloths; don't know how I got along without them before I learned to knit. I've got a stack for gifting, too. I bet your daughter-in-law loves hers.

    A coincidence; I'd never heard of the cookbook until my daughter texted me today saying she wanted that very one for her birthday. I may have to order several. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. GORGEOUS!!! Love them all!!! They are so bright and cheery!

    During the last Summer Olympics, I knit dishcloths/washcloths. I wound up with 19, I think. It was a great way to use up my Peaches and Creme.

    Your pictures are tempting me to make some more!

  7. You are THE dishcloth queen. I love them all. Anyone who gets one, is very lucky :)

  8. Oh My Goodness! That's a lot of dishcloths - and such nice ones!

  9. I love all of them - but I really like the plaid one - so cute! What a great gift - and your presentation is beautiful!

  10. Those are so beautiful! Now you have me thinking about dishcloths again.

  11. Very nice selection - you make me think I should knit more of these.

  12. great dish cloths !
    you have been a busy bee !

  13. Damn, woman, you are TALENTED!!! I have a bunch of cones of cotton being sorely neglected downstairs. it's always something. I love how you bunched them up for gift giving!

  14. Wow that's a lot of neat dishcloth!
    Can I ask where the pattern is for the second dishcloth from the bottom? The yellow/blue ones? Sooo cute! You're so creative!

  15. Debbie,

    Sorry, that pattern is one of my own using a stitch I found in one of the BW books. Hope you see this as you did not leave a way for me to reach you personally.

    happy knitting :)

  16. Fabulous, fun patterns and gorgeous colors. Believe I like the plaid one the best, very interesting and different.

    I don't enjoy working with cotton so have stayed away from the clothes; but everytime I see a pretty stack of yours I think I should give it a go again.

    What type of cotton do you use? Maybe that's my problem?


  17. love the cloths! I have a wedding shower to go to in March and am thinking that as soon as my olympic knitting is complete some cloths are due for the new bride to be!

  18. Fabulous cloths and packaged so nicely for gifting! LOVE the colors!!!Thanks for the soul mama link for the cloths. makes me aware that the BW books are a goldmine of pattern possibilities!


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