Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can't keep myself....

....from posting another photo of my new Dendrobium "Burana" Pink orchid. Five of the flowers are completely open and the sixth one is just starting to open.
So far so good. It really makes me happy.  There is nothing quite like having a blooming orchid in the house. The flowers last so long. If I had a pot of daffodils or tulips they would be dead by now. Instead my lovely plant is still bringing me joy with it's perfect flowers.

Knitting wise -- I finished my popsicle scarf. I was going to make it longer, but got so sick of it,  I decided to cut it short. It's long enough. I can wear it a couple of ways:

I'm not at all thrilled with the way this knit up. The pattern stitch should be much more prominent, but decided not to rip it out. It's ok, but not what I envisioned.

Since I had another skein left I decided to try a new and different looking scarf pattern that caught my eye. It's mostly garter stitch with some knitted drops on one side that are quite intriguing looking. It's been a fun knit so far and quite easy to do. The pattern is Shizuku in case you might want to try it for yourself.
My next project was one of great necessity. I desperately needed an easy take along project. Thought I'd do without one for a while, but I found I really needed to have a project in my knitting bag that can be dropped and picked up at a moment's notice. This pattern fits the bill. It's a baby blanket of a "no name" variety found in Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Summer on Blossom Street (Leisure Arts # 4729) . I like the pattern very much. I don't think I've seen anything like it in my travels in the blogosphere. It's a very enjoyable knit so far.

After the blanket is complete you have the option of threading a ribbon through the eyelets. Might be a nice touch for a girly blanket. This one is blue, so I doubt I'll be finishing it with a ribbon. Maybe another time....

happy knitting :)

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  1. Ohhh...can't wait to see that blanket when it's finished. What a cute pattern so far!!

  2. Your orchid is beautiful!

    Love that blanket pattern. Are you using "pound of love"?

  3. I don't think I've seen that blanket stitch pattern before either. It's interesting.

    Your orchid is gorgeous! Enjoy

  4. That orchid is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see the finished blanket.

  5. have been SERIOUSLY prolific! In this set, my personal fav is the pink garter stitch scarf with the doodads. Very sweet!

  6. that blue blanket is going to be great! too bad you couldn't put ribbon through the eyelets.

  7. Your orchid really is photo-worthy.

    I've made the Shizuku, isn't it fun!!

  8. I see no need to hold back sharing pictures of your beautiful orchid. It's just gorgeous! I'm this close to getting one myself.
    I love the scarves. I may have to try the one with the drops when I get back to knitting. (need to make a few quilts first, lol)
    I'm watcing birds build their nests this weeek! Happy Spring to you!!

  9. Beautiful orchid, I always enjoy your pictures. Is the yarn cotton? It has a look of cotton, which I find just doesn't hold shape very well. Great color though, and I'm loving the 2nd scarf you're doing with it, might have to check that pattern out myself. It's looking like it could be somewhat of a shawlett? I've got a couple of Debbie M's books and pattern books, need to look and see if I have the one you're referring to....I love the look. I think you could add a ribbon for a little boy...still babish...maybe though a dark blue for contrast and to make it more masculine?

  10. Your scarf came out very nice. I love the little drops on the other one and the blanket is very pretty. I love the texture. It will be fun to put a ribbon through the eyelets!

  11. Nice orchid! I wish mine would bloom like that. Another cute baby blanket, too, but I'm still working on the holding hands one and will be for a long time..... I like the pink scarf...think I've seen the pattern before and need to check to see whether it's one in my stash!


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