Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Look at all those buds!

I ♥ orchids. I'm addicted. I know I need help, but I just can't stop looking at them. I'm always looking at them. Well, now I have another one to look at....I added another orchid (middle one in photo)from Trader Joe's to my collection today
I just couldn't resist buying it when I saw all the buds it had.100_0190
They are way too numerous to count. Just look all all the buds.
The plant is on the short side, not too tall. I like the shorter ones. How could I not buy it? 100_0189
This one is a phalaenopsis or moth orchid.
It's the same kind that I got last year. Remember Miss Shirley Pink? This one has smaller flowers, but there are a ton of buds. Oh, what fun it will be to watch the buds open. Miss Pink is still growing but there are no signs of buds.
There must be a secret  to getting them to blossom again. I know one of them is patience. At least now I have new flowers to keep me occupied while I patiently wait :)

Not too much new to report on, knitting wise.I did finish my scarf with the doo dads.

You can wear it a couple of ways.

It's a fun little scarf to wear and knit. I really like it!
I'm working on a new project. A tote bag. It's a really slow knit. Forgot to take a photo of what's been done so far. Not exciting. It can wait until next time.

happy knitting :)

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  1. Love the orchids & the scarf. We never kept plants in the house because of the cats. Now we no longer have any cats... maybe I should re-introduce plants back into the house. Hopefully I can keep the toddler out of it! LOL

  2. another orchid?? lol. i think ours is also a phalaenopsis. hopefully ms. pink is just hibernating?

  3. Your new orchid looks great! Miss Pink probably won't bloom again until at least next winter. They usually set buds around October and bloom Dec-Feb. Sometimes they take some time off to recover from the forced blooming they had to do from the grower. Your NEW orchid looks great!

  4. Gorgeous flowers!!

  5. All those buds would have persuaded me to purchase the orchid, too. It's gorgeous!

  6. Hiya you Orchid-lover, you!! Wonder what the Latin is for that ;) They are gorgeous! Who can blame you?
    Like your shawlette scarf, it's pretty.


  7. p.s. Your shawl reminded me of this one I;ve been eyeing for me: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/butterfly-winged-shawlette

  8. The orchids are beautiful ! They actually have the large ones at Kroger down the road from me for only $9.99. It's amazing how affordable they are these days. I have purchased a really tiny one months ago. I'm trying NOT to kill it. -- I love the little scarf with the doo-dads !

  9. Your small shawl/scarf looks great. I love the little dangle parts! Beautiful orchids too!

  10. i just bought a pink orchid at the grocery store and a small box of Miracle grow
    orchid food. I have trouble getting orchids to re-bloom !

  11. That orchid is stunning! I would have bought it too. Nice scarf too!

  12. Wow, there really are a lot of buds or that one plant. The scarf with the do dads is interesting. I like the shape, what pattern did you use? I've been searching alot of similar shape ones lately...haven't decided which one to do.

    1. Sandy,
      The pattern is shizuku :)

  13. That's a cute shawl; you and I seem to be in the same mindset these days with our mini shawls.

    I know the orchid bug, very well, and Trader Joe's is the perfect place to feed it. I am rarely successful at getting an orchid to bloom again because I don't feed it, and if it does bloom again, it's just by dumb luck, which I have just such a plant about to bloom again. I don't know why or what I did.

  14. Oh my goodness your new gal is loaded with buds and just beautiful! I don't blame you one bit for getting another. If I could find one like yours... resistance would have been futile, lol. They only place I see them is the grocery, but they look spent where I shop. We don't have a Trader Joe. Your windows look like the perfect spot for them.
    The scarf is cute and perfectly sized. I have to make one in the fall. My overgrown jungle outside is keeping me captive from projects at the moment.
    Have a great week!

  15. Love your orchids! And the scarf seems to fit right along with them, somehow...maybe it's the color:0)

  16. Popping in to say hi, hope you had a wonderful day.

  17. Making rounds again from Sandy's Space to say hi, hope things going well for you and your plants.

  18. Very nice scarf. Next time show us that cute orange petal cloth hiding under that flower pot!


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