Thursday, July 06, 2006

The beginning

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time, so here it goes...

My love of knitting has been with me my whole life and now I have a place to show off my work. Here are the results of my first felting project. I modified the Sophie pattern to have a flap and I intend to sew a button on to keep it secure. I'll post a picture later with the button.

The top picture is before felting and the picture below is after felting. I used Paton's classic merino. For the flap on one side of the bag I kept knitting with garter stitch, then when I thought the flap was big enough I picked up stitches all around the flap and knitted more rows of garter stitch to finish it off nicely.

The felting process went more smoothly than I could have anticipated. I used a zippered pillow case and washed the bag with hot water with a large load of sheets. Fantastic results. Very soft and no pilling. I will definitely be doing this again! Next time though I think I'll make the sophie bag bigger and perhaps try a different strap style.I'm very happy with the results and I'd like to try and make a bigger bag next -- definitely a must do!

The ball band dishcloth bug has bitten me as well. I've been busy making a bunch. It's a great summer project. I know I'll be posting more about these as well.

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