Monday, July 24, 2006

What I have been up to lately

I've been busy making more dishcloths. I just love this ball band pattern. Here are some of my latest finished cloths.

I also finished a mint green baby prayer blanket for my church. I am a member of our church's prayer shawl ministry. In addition to prayer shawls we make these baby blankets. When a baby is baptized they give this keepsake to the baby. The pattern is a dishcloth pattern that is made bigger, not big enough for a crib blanket, but a good size for cuddling. A tiny gold cross will be sewn onto one of the corners.
The following is not knitting, but counted cross stitch.
I've been working on this project ( "A Little Girl's Fancy" by Paula Vaughan) off and on since about 1990. I made another smaller picture for my mother by Paula and then I think I got over ambitious and took on this rather large one for myself. Needless to say I put it down and did not pick it up very often. Now two children later I have decided I must finish this and my goal is to do so by the end of the summer. It is done on 32 ct Belfast linen and it is very hard on the old eyes, but my bifocals seem to help. I have been trying to work on it at least an hour a day. Time will tell.

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