Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Baby Genius Burp Cloth" blanket

The blanket that I am knitting for my son's girlfriend for Christmas is what's on my needles right now. (Yes, I'm still working on the fushia colored prayer shawl as well. I carry that project with me for anytime I'm sitting waiting for something or someone.) The blanket pattern is from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book and it's actually the "Baby Genius Burp Cloth" made into a blanket. I've cast on 150 stitches. Hopefully the blanket will be big enough. I want it to be a throw type of blanket for her dorm room. Her roommate is forever leaving her fan on and Kate gets chilled. Thought this would be good for her to wrap around herself when she's studying. She loves fuzzy things and the yarn I'm using, Joann's Sensations Rainbow Classic, fits the bill. It's so soft. I'm loving working with it. This pattern is making a wonderful fabric, nice and thick and soft and when you pet it, it has a satiny feeling as well. The skeins are huge (11 oz./ 615 yards). I bought four of them and I'm secretly hoping I'll enough left over so I can find something else to knit with it as well. Here's a closeup of the pattern:

This past week I also finished up three scarfs and another pair of pocketbook slippers for my church's Holly Fair "Kid's Only Shopping".

For the scarfs I used the Curly Purly scarf pattern, which is a very easy dropped yarnover scarf pattern and a very fast knit. Thanks Marnie for sharing your pattern. I think I'm done now. I did try the tree pattern ornament, but frogged it as soon as I finished it. Don't know what I did to it or if it was the yarn I used, but I couldn't for the life of me get it to lay flat, short of ironing it. I wouldn't try that pattern again! :(


  1. that's such a creative idea, to knit a blanket out of the burp cloth pattern. if it doesn't end up large enough, you could always add a border around it, too.

  2. Thanks for the link to those pocketbook slippers! Just the ticket for christmas gift knitting:) How long do they take to knit up? Also, that throw is going to be very nice. I always wondered about the Joanne yarns. Some of them look lucious, but have never used any. I'll have to try them now:)


  3. Great idea on the blanket -- and thanks for commenting on my blog. That's one of the things I love about Ann and Kay's book -- the patterns are great as there and and also as inspirations for something new. My daughter has worn the 9 patch vest 2 days in a row now.... Kelly

  4. Wow! Great idea about the blanket pattern. Love the pocketbook slippers, too!

    I like the idea of the kids only shopping. I would love to do that for our children's ministry at church. Is everything that is donated handmade items? Or do you take all kinds of donations?


  5. Robin,
    The Christian Ed Chairperson asked the congregation for donations of new or gently used items suitable for parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, etc. They will sell the items to the kids for very low prices. She specifically asked me and other members of the prayer shawl ministry for hand knitted items. Hope you see this message as I had no other way to reach you :)


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