Friday, October 13, 2006

Pretty cactus flower and a new yarn to try

My Christmas (really Thanksgiving) cactus always rewards me soon after I bring it back into the house with beautiful blooms every year. It loves to spend the summer outside. This plant is twelve years old. My husband gave it to me when my youngest son was born on Thanksgiving Day 1994. I don't think it is as pretty this year. It is very pot bound. I really should think about repotting it sometime soon...may be after it finishes blooming. I also have another Chistmas cactus in bloom that my mother gave to me. It has three colors, white, peach and the fuschia. She made the pot from cuttings of her three plants. Here's a picture of the tri-color one:

I went to Joann's this week and bought some new yarn, Joann's Sensations Rainbow Classic brushed acrylic yarn for my son's girlfriend's (Kate) Christmas present:

I'm planning on making a throw for her dorm room. Kate loves anything soft and fuzzy and when I saw and felt this yarn I immediately thought of her. Must finish my project that I am currently working on first, but I can't wait to start knitting the blanket. The yarn must be brand new, because the last time I looked it wasn't even on the Joann's website. They also have shades of purple/fushias and a shades of browns/ beiges similar to this denim one. I hope she likes it. I love knitting for Kate because she is so appreciative of what I knit for her.

She went crazy over a blue Fun Fur and Paton's Boa scarf I made for her two years ago and she really loved the one I made with (blues and browns) Bernat Soft Boucle and Moda-Dea Flip for her last year.

Today I finally checked out for the first time the Tuesday Morning store in Dedham. I had heard that it was a good place to pick up yarn bargains. I had a doctor's appointment in Boston and decided to take a different route home and stop in and see what they had for yarn. I really wasn't that impressed with the store. Rather messy store, but I did snag three skeins of Fuschia Lion Cotton for $1.99 each. I bought the last three skeins of Lion Cotton they had. It's a good price. Joann's has it at $3.99 each. The other yarn that they had were novelty yarns. I wasn't really interested in them. Not sure what I am going to use the Lion Cotton for, but it's good to have on hand in my never know when you might need it, right?


  1. Your cactus is just gorgeous. My mom would grow these like crazy. Of course she's kept her green thumb all to herself, I did NOT inherit it.

  2. I ran out of a certain Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn the (blues/white)brushed yarn and I found it here on your site.. Where can I purchase those 2 skeins I see you have what I need. HELP. My email is Tell me where I can purchase those 2 skeins I see here.Don't know where to go????


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