Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ruby Slippers

The Christian Education Chairperson at my church asked me to knit up a few things for the children to buy as little gifts for family. They buy their gifts and wrap in secret (no parents allowed) at the Holly Fair, which is coming up in November. The older church children volunteer to help them wrap their purchases.

First I knitted an angel and a bell ornament. I found both of these patterns at Knitting Pattern Central :

Not sure how these will go over with the kids, but I knew after making them I wasn't enthused enough to make more. Not my cup of tea as they say!

Then I remembered seeing a while ago a pattern for pocketbook slippers. Once again I found the pattern at Knitting Pattern Central. While I was knitting them I was very skeptical they they could ever possibly fit anyone other than a child. This is what they look like before you put them on:

and this is how they look after they are on:

I LOVE them! I have dubbed them my "ruby" slippers. They fit me...and I wear a size 10! I'm totally amazed that they fit my big feet. :)

I would definitely recommend making these. They really are cute and would be good to keep in your pocketbook during boot season. I'm just not so sure if the kids will know what they are! Must make some sort of a tag for them. I will definitely make more of these!

Edited: Friday, Oct. 27th

I just found this pattern for teeney, tiny pocketbook slippers. Too cute!


  1. Nice work! I was intrigued by this pattern when I fist saw it too - seem to easy to be true! I'm a 10 1/2 on a good day, so your photos and great knit work have encouraged me to try these.

    P.S. I linked here from the Whimsical Knitting blog - HI! :0)

  2. It's great to see what the pocketbook slippers look like on a foot! I started making a pair of those once, but I didn't want my varigated yarn to jog at the front seam. In the end I completely redesigned the whole thing. I don't think they stay on as well as the original pattern, though.

    Nice Christmas ornaments too! I have a bunch of ornament patterns printed out I hope to put to good use soon.

  3. Great little slippers! I can't wait to cast some on for myself!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! I return more often... Happy knitting

  4. ... About modifiying the pattern so they look more manly... Guess I'm just going to have to sit and knit them out and play with the pattern as I go. I'll be sure to pick a day when my patience is at its best.. LOL

    Thanks for checking out and commenting on my blog...

  5. I love those pocket book slippers!


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