Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm glad that the holidays are almost over!

I can't wait to get my house completely back to normal. The boys ( my husband included) have been home all week and my house is a complete disaster. They make quite the mess! I'm looking forward to the Christmas presents finding their new resting places and not in my living room!

Hopefully everyone had a really wonderful Christmas. I was very happy to receive some knitting books this year! My husband gave me Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and Vivian Hoxbro's Domino Knitting. My middle son gave me the yarn harlot's book (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee), At Knit's End meditations for women who knit too much you by chance think he's trying to tell me something ?
My youngest made me the cutest little ceramic animal:
I just love it! Believe it or not... it is a rabbit. When I opened it up I thought it was a pig! Everyone else that I've shown it to, thinks the same thing. It's a pigrab or rablet or what ever combination you can come up with. I don't care what it is...I love it dearly!

Kate and her mom made me two absolutely beautiful handsewn Christmas pointsettia pillows. I wish the picture was better so you can see the incredible applique stitching and French knot embroidery. I really admire people who are so talented in their sewing abilities! These works of art, I will cherish forever:
I finished just in time for Christmas four more ballbands:
Since Christmas I have even knitted the midmonth KAL for my monthly dishcloth yahoo group:
"snowy drops"

This was my first attempt at a lacey pattern. I'm very pleased with the results!

I wish for all my knitting friends lots and lots of very happy knitting for 2007 :)


  1. You will love the Yarn Harlot's book, I have read it several times and still giggle when I read it. I have managed to get everyone to at least put all their goodies away at the end of the day, except the youngest. And I love the rablet, my youngest made me a coupon container and I can pull out a coupon from her. My favorite is that she will be nice to her brother and sister for " 1 hour" that is as long as she can last.

  2. Love those ballband dishcloths - I never get tired of seeing the different color combos. (The lacy one is very nice too!) The pillows are very pretty - how fun it will be to get them out next year for Christmas.

  3. Wow! I love that lacy pattern:) Must try.


  4. oooh, knitting books!

    i made my mom a little ceramic lion one year... we still have it (it's had to have surgery a few times, though, those falls from 4 feet can be brutal!).

    more dishcloths, whoo!

  5. Those are some wonderful presents. Especially Bugspiggy! I love all your ballband cloths - I bought a bunch of cotton this summer but haven't gotten around to making one yet. You are inspiring me!

  6. All of your cloths look great, as usual! :) Just want to wish you a happy New Year and many hours of happy knitting as well! It seems like we've become "blog comment buddies" this past couple of months~~I've enjoyed reading your blog, and have loved having you come to visit me at my blog as well!

  7. Stephanie's book is hilarious! I loved reading all her books, but this one's just great. All the others you've got as well! Such lovely gift's you've got there!
    I know how it is with the family at home, sick or not, the house is a mess around here as well. Can't wait for life to get back to normal! ;o)

  8. I can't wait for everything to get back to normal either.

    Love all your presents and the dishcloths.

    All the best for 2007. x

  9. my house too is a disaster :( i refuse to do anything until tuesday when everyone goes back to work/school. when it's just me & my 2yr old princess doing what we do best. NO BOYS ALLOWED. those ballbands are addicting...always one on the needles!

  10. I got "At Knit's End" from my best friend for Christmas! It's a darling book! I also love, love, love the rablet!! It's so cute. Best wishes to you and yours in 2007 and keep on knittin' on!

  11. WOW! You have gotten a lot of knitting done!! I love that ballband warshrag pattern and have the yarn to do severl... I love all of the ones that you have done! Also love the lacy one.


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