Friday, December 22, 2006

Looks like it's a ballband Christmas!

I thought I would post my blog entry today, because I'll probably be too busy over the next couple of days. I'll post the remaining pictures after Christmas. The end of my Christmas knitting is in sight now. I only have a few more ballbands to knit. I would definitely say for me this was the Christmas of the ballband!

Here's a few that I have finished and one that is almost:
I decided to make a scarf for Kate, my eldest son's girlfriend, to match her Baby Genius Burp blanket. I thought I would have just enough yarn and I think it was meant to be because I had aproximately a foot and a half of yarn left after I finished the scarf. It made the perfect lenght for a scarf. I used the Curly Purly scarf pattern .
Today I really enjoyed making Janice's Pretzel, M&M, Hershey kiss candies. I followed Janice's recipe to the "T" ( well almost) and they came out perfectly. I couldn't find ring pretzels in two stores, so I substituted waffle pretzels instead and they came out great. I used both milk chocolate and dark chocolate kisses. The one thing I did that I wouldn't repeat was that I rushed the first pan because I didn't have enough room in the frig. I should have just left them alone before I tried to move them. I found out on subsequent pans that they do set at room temperature as long as you get the first few minutes in the frig. :)
In the cookie swap at church this past Sunday one of the cookies were pretzel turtles. They used the baking chocolate chips, a carmel and the traditional small 3 holed pretzels. I did it a little differently and used Janice's method, but substituted a rolo carmel candy. Once the rolo was melted I put the pecan on top and they were perfect! Very easy!
This last picture is for my friend Carol of Cape Cod. She has the same type of manger set and we both were wondering if it's the same set. Well, Carol, what do you think?
On this note I will leave you and I wish each and everyone of you a very happy and safe holiday. Enjoy!


  1. Yay! Christmas pics. I needed a little holiday boost.



  2. Mmmmmmmmh! So many goodies, wooly and otherwise! I just had some cookies, so I can resist taking one of yours! ;o) Happy Holidays!

  3. i've knit so many ballbands, too, but i still haven't gotten tired of them!

    my grandma made turtles, the rolo candy way. they were really yummy, so i can imagine how good yours must have been! : )

    we had a manger set that looked pretty similar a few years back; i wonder what ever happened to it? hahaha, oh well!

    p.s. you don't sound too weird! i'll do mine sometime soon (and the toilet paper roll thing bothers me, too!) : )

  4. Happy holidays Deb.

    I've finally posted my 6 weird things meme. It was fun so thanks for tagging me. x


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