Friday, June 29, 2007

Double the fish, double the fun!

Now I have twice as many fish than I had last week. Thirty-two fish to be exact and if I can follow my plan I should have 160 fish when I am all said and done. I'm having so much fun knitting these fish and my tessellated fish blanket is coming along nicely. Please note that the Bits and Bobs Yahoo group grew so fast because of the fish-a-long that they started a group just for the fish.

My boys I might add have been giving me grief because of the mess I have made in our living room. They have been complaining because they have no place to sit. When I'm picking out the colors for the fish I spread everything out and leave it that way while I'm knitting my row of fishes. Not only does that make a mess but the fact that I have all my yarn pulled out as well. Cleaned up a bit today and now I just have one basket for yarn and one basket for fish. They haven't noticed yet!

Look what my dear Oregonian sister sent me for my birthday!
Beautiful hand spun yarn (90% lamb's wool and 10% mohair). She is very talented and spins yarn from her own lambs, goats and angora rabbits. Now I have to figure out what to make with this gorgeous yarn. I have in my stash 3 other skeins that she sent me, pink, and 2 shades of natural brown. I have been waiting for the perfect pattern for those skeins, too. I really want to knit something very special.

Last, but not least Deb, better known as knottykitty has nominated me as a...
....thanks, Deb I am very honored :) Knottykitty blog is always filled with interesting knitting tales and very cute kitties. Make sure you check out her blog and see for yourself why she rocks! One of my duties as a Rockin' Girl Blogger is to nominate 5 more Rockin' Girl bloggers. This is a very difficult task...I think all knitting bloggers deserve an least the ones I read regularly.

Drum roll they are:
  • Allison is a knitting blogger who posts pictures of her knitting, but ALWAYS mixes her knitting with beautiful flowers. All winter long she would brighten my day on those cold winter days.
  • CeElle has an amazing, very colorful blog. She has quite the flair for the graphic arts and it shows in her colorful knitting.
  • Rohanknitter is a homeschooling mom of 3 boys who lives on a farm in the Midwest. Her blog is wonderful glimpse of life on a farm. She actually has time to knits, craft and blog in addition to all she does on the farm!
  • Violiknit a.k.a. Sophia is a violin playing knitter. She always finds the cutest patterns and has interesting tidbits about her life as professional musician.
  • Vyvyan always has a new pattern to share with her readers. She writes incredible patterns and is a source of inspiration for me!
Again, I wish I could nominate you all as Rockin' Girl Bloggers!
Happy weekend and happy knitting :)


  1. OMG, I am sooo jealous of your fish! That is so uber-cute, I can hardly stand it!

    I haven't even had time to start a single one, and beyond that, I can't quite figure out those directions on how to put them together! I'm a little slow...
    Maybe it will make more sense when I actually have two fish to rub together---LOL! :)

  2. wow! your fish look great and they are multiplying so quickly... : )

  3. Wow. Your afgan is gorgeous! I can't see myself having the patience to not only knit all those fish, but then get them sewn all together! I love seeing pictures of everyone else's! Congrats on your award!

  4. I love your fish blanket. I've always wondered what that would look like if done in more than two colors. It's great!

  5. Happy (late) Birthday Wishes!!!!
    Your fish blanket is coming along beautifully.
    Congrats on Rockin'! We knew that, but it's great to be official.
    Your nominations are excellent choices, too. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your piscine journey with us, I enjoy each update and seeing your afghan emerge from all those little fish pieces.

  7. That blanket is looking awesome! I was just wondering how it was going too.

    Happy belated birthday. :)

  8. Your fish blanket is looking fantastic. Congrats on the Rockin Girl Blooger award

  9. Happy (belated) birthday Deb. And congratulations on your Rockin' Girl Blogger award - very deserving indeed. :)

  10. My jaw dropped when I saw your cute fishy afghan! I love it!

  11. Your fish blanket is coming along nicely. Almost makes me want to do one as well. Almost! ;o) What a wonderful hand spun yarn you've got there!

  12. Thank you for the Rockin' nomination! You are too sweet! I love how your school of knit fish is growing into such a beautiful blanket! Lovely b-day present yarn, too!

  13. That blanket is so cute, and my little son, a fish addict, is determined to have one by his birthday (thanks a lot, lol!). What an ingenious pattern!

    I love your blog, and will most likely be visiting regularly from now on. I wandered here from Violiknit's site, which I agree is very cool!

  14. Your fish are multiplying like guppies! They look great! Interesting MEME!!!


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