Friday, January 22, 2010

The halfway point

Reaching the halfway point in knitting the Lover's Knot blanket made my day! I just finished the 7th pattern repeat of the braided cable. It is really getting heavy on my lap, but it does keep me very warm on cold nights. I laid out the blanket on my bed today to see if it will be the right size or the size I envisioned. Looks like it is the perfect width, but I can't really stretch it out until it is off the needles. One thing though...there is way too much off white yarn which is getting boring. I really need to work with color, so I did start a side project yesterday. It should be fairly quick to finish. I'll try to post again soon so I can show you.

In the meantime here is some of the dishcloths I finished this past summer, but never had the chance to post. I still have more to show you....which I will in the coming weeks just to add some color to my blog.

The first set is the Star Cloth. A few variations that I played with. It's been so long since I knit them that I can't even remember what I did. That's bad, but I do remember having fun with this stitch.
I also tried Kay's Linoleum Cloth in a couple of color combos. They were fun to do. I LOVE mosaic slip stitch patterns. Finally I leave you with a photo of the silk flower arrangement I made for the after wedding party we had for my son and his new wife back in November.

I feel better now. I really needed the color :)

happy knitting :)


  1. Wow! I'm amazed at the progress you've made on the blanket. It's just gorgeous! What an heirloom you son and dil will have soon.

    I love the star cloths; I'll have to try that pattern, thanks for the link. It's hard to believe I haven't knit a dishcloth in about six months. o.O

    The flower arrangement is beautiful! You did a great job with it. (Love the furniture piece it's setting on, too. :)

    Happy knitting to you, and have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, that blanket is a big project, it's really beautiful though! And it looks so warm and cozy!

  3. LOL, I understand the need for color, I'm very much the same way. I love your cables though, I would need to do little bits at a time. Half way....way to go, that is always a good feeling.

    Love the cloths, cool colors and designs.


  4. Your blanket is so gorgeous! And I really love the dishcloths, as well -- especially the linoleum one. I've never knitted dishcloths before. Maybe I should give it a go? :)

  5. Oh man, but that blanket...


    And the cloths? GORGEOUS! They're now in my favs on Ravelry. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. the blanket is gorgeous!! but yes, the white might push you over the edge - nice to have a little break. Your dishcloths as normal are so nice and colorful - and the flowers are so sweet. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  7. The blanket is amazing - so beautiful! I can imagine that the color would be boring - but it really is gorgeous!

    I love the dishclothes - I saw them up on Ravelry and as always, your dishclothes are too nice to use!

  8. Wow - that is really a work of love. I hope the blanket is for you! It's got such a classic look in that off-white, but I can totally understand your need for color. The dishcloths are a great burst of color (and I love the many interesting patterns and designs). Congrats on getting to the halfway point. Good luck with the rest.

  9. such pretties! the blanket is truly a work of, not only art, but true love!

  10. wow! you're already halfway done with the blanket?? amazing! I can understand your need for color. :) the dishcloths are great. i really like the linoleum ones! the flower arrangements you made for the wedding party are beautiful too! :)

  11. your cloths are great !
    I enjoy seeing what other people knit!

  12. Everything is so lovely! the afghan is incredibly amazing!

  13. I lost the link to your blog because I've got a new computer and until I just saw a comment of your on another blog, I realized, that I havn't seen anything from you in a long time.
    I'm so glad I could fav you again.
    Wow, your son got married? congratulations!
    I LOVE your cabled blanket! That's an heirloom knit!
    You are a regular dishcloths knitting machine! They are all wonderful!


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