Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome Twenty Ten

Happy New Year...2010! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas for those of you who celebrate this holiday. We had a very nice Christmas. N & K and K's mom joined us for a very nice dinner. My dad came, too, and we celebrated his 93rd birthday. I made a cake for him:

He had great difficulty blowing out his two candles (one #9 and one #3). I swear on a stack of bibles that they were not trick candles, but I think he thought so. Guess in his golden years he lacks the gusto to blow out his candles like he did in his younger days. He did finally blow them out though the boys by that time weren't so sure they wanted any of the cake ;)

Here is my collection of Christmas cookies this year
...all 9000 of them as my baby likes to tell everyone. I made pizelles, springerle, chocolate chip, ginger snaps, gingerbread, sugar cookies and Aunt Louise's butterscotch cookies. Don't think there were 9000, but since everyone takes some home with them I do need to stock up.
We started the morning once again, a tradition in our house, with our short cut cinnamon rolls. The only difference was that this year I could not find the bags of frozen rolls in the grocery store (two weeks in a row), so I decided to make my own frozen rolls this year and they worked out great. Check here for the recipe I used for my rolls. I think from now on I'll make my own rolls...good thing - no preservatives. It's not like the cinnamon rolls are really that good for you to begin with, but you know-- if you can eliminate one more bad thing...why not?

I even received a "knitting" present, a knitting calendar, this year that I didn't ask for. I think my baby is catching on... He did good, very good!

I peeked ahead into the year and noticed a lot of really cool patterns. Looks like fun! Maybe even a gift or two for next year ....we'll see :)

I think I vaguely remember saying in my last post "no knitted presents this year" because of my big cable blanket project.

Well.... the cable blanket went on a temporary no progress there. I did have to scramble and knit like there was no tomorrow to pull off the completion of two pairs of thick, fuzzy bed socks. One pair for K:and another pair for her mom:
The pattern is Comfy Socks. I recommend this pattern. Very easy and very fast. I used one strand of knitting worsted and one strand of Joann's Rainbow Boucle.

How could I knit something for K but not for N? that's why I knit N a black hat -- you can always use an extra hat, right?
Do you remember me knitting this one before?...a very easy, neat and great pattern from Fig and Plum:
Luckily I found a scarf that I had knit a while back....something I totally forgot about and then pulled out and thought K might like it. It's a potato chip scarf, knit with Joann's Rainbow Boucle.Well, she did love it and kept it on the whole day. She and her mom loved their socks. I know K really appreciates anything knitted and even her mom does, too. I think everyone is getting very accustomed to my knitted gifts. The rest of the boys were a bit disappointed that they didn't get knitted gifts as well. I just did not have enough time this year to knit for everyone. Christmas came way too fast this year. Must start earlier next year. Hate the last minute rush finishing everything.

Guess that's about enough for today. Still have more to catch up with you. Will post more later as I have a bunch of finished items, pre-wedding, that I want to show you.

A very happy and healthy New Year to you all and most of all happy knitting :)


  1. Happy New Year to you too. Looks like a very productive holiday for you. Happy knitting - Jennifer

  2. happy new year to you as well! may it be a prosperous and healthy one!

  3. Wonderful knitted gifts!! It's great that you have appreciative recipients. You sure made a ton of Christmas cookies, YUMMM!Happy 2010!!

  4. Deb! Your knitting projects look great! I some much enjoy doing the small projects for my family. I am working on a black hat as we speak, for my son, William. It's coming out nicely and he so appreciates it. Please share some of those cookie recipes...they look de-lish!

  5. Hi Ang,

    You can find all of my cookie recipes in my kitchen blog :)

    They are my tried and true and my boys expect them every year or it wouldn't be Christmas :)

  6. Happy New Year!! I can't believe all those cookies! Impressive. Of course your knitting, lovely as always !

  7. Everything looks wonderful! Happy New Year!

  8. happy new year! Your pizelles look gorgeous! as does all your other cookies-bet they weree deeelish! Using those large mouth jars are a great idea-were they recycled? Everything looks so festive!
    What beautiful knitting too!

  9. The great big jar was my grandmother's cookie jar. Had it in our kitchen growing up. The rest are odds and ends of jars that I have been finding and saving over the years. They are the best for keeping the cookies fresh.....not that they really last that long ;)

  10. Happy birthday to you Dad. 93! That's wonderful.

    His cake looked beautiful and oh my ... those cookies. Cookies are my weakness.

  11. Just reading up on your blog! Thanks for stopping by. I see you have been very busy! I love that wedding cake. Beautiful!

    Now off to go read more pages. Got a lot to catch up on. =)

  12. wow ! lots of cookies !
    cute m&m decorations on the cake !
    you are a great baker !

  13. that's a whooooooole lotta cookies! hope your holiday was fabulous!

  14. Happy belated birthday to your Dad. Your cookies look yummy, even though I'm a none baker. Socks always love them.

    Thanks for the reminder about the calendar, I wanted to buy myself one for knitting or crocheting...heck I need one that's a combo one I think. Anyway, plan to head to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to see what I can find. Totally forgot I wanted one until I read your post.

    Hope you're staying warm.

  15. Oh my, those cookies look wonderful, and the cake does,too!

    I love the scarf! I've never made one of those..need to try it.

    Would you believe bloglines put this post in my reader just today. grr
    I may have to fire them and try another reader. :(

  16. A belated Happy New Year! It sounds like your holidays were very nice - and the cookies look amazing!

  17. whew, did you save any of your dad's birthday cake for me?? lol. it looks scrumptious as do all the cookies you baked this year for Christmas! :) glad to hear your hubby is catching on. the socks for kate and her mom look great!


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