Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy Cow(l) - - Another cowl!

Finished another cowl this week.  The Candle Flame Cowl:
This one fits snugly and I think I'd probably be more likely to call it a neck warmer. I like how the edges zig zag a bit. It so slightly reminds me of a victorian high lace collar - - sort of. 100_0100
 This was my first time knitting the candle flame stitch pattern. It looks difficult, but it's not. Once again another nice quick project and now I'm working on another rather slow knit baby blanket, but I do have another cowl ready to start. Guess you might say I'm a bit hooked on cowls :)

I'm also pretty hooked on pinterest these days. I've been trying out some of my pin ideas that I've been collecting, so I thought I'd share with you my favorite pin for this week. It doesn't relate to the needle arts, but it's one from my cleaning tips and tricks board. In our house, we seem to always have a clogged or almost clogged bathroom sink drain. We periodically use Liquid Plumr to keep our drain open, but it's really nasty stuff and I usually make my husband do that chore. Well, I got a little excited when I saw this pin:
Source: via hakucho on Pinterest

and decided to give it a try. Oh, my goodness, so simple- - just baking soda and vinegar. You know, the ingredients that science project volcanoes are made of.  Did it work? YES!! Incredibly easy, not caustic, cheap and boy, did it ever work!  It cleared the sink on the first try!!  I even used the opened box of old baking soda from my fridge, so I'm recycling, too! I'm so impressed with it. No more liquid plumr for me. I don't mind using the vinegar and baking soda myself, so I'm planning on using it more frequently and hopefully our drain will stay nice and clear :)

It doesn't take much to make me happy ;) Good ideas and knitting of course :)

happy weekend :)
happy knitting :)

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  1. That cowl is beautiful!!!!

    As for the drain cleaner. The vinegar/baking soda is what I used most of the time, but once in awhile I still needed to haul out the Liquid Plumr for DS's sink. That boy could clog a sink worse than anyone I know.

  2. I use the soda and vinegar to clean my drains, too. I used it for years.

  3. Lovely cowl. I love that stitch. Wonder if I could do it. Thanks for the soda and vinegar tip. I use soda for greasy things, but I have never used it in my drains. That will change from now on.

  4. I really like the cowl. The candleflame stitch is way cool!

  5. That is beautiful! Lovely stitch. Reminds of things we called dickeys back in the day. Do you remember those? My Dad has used baking soda for years, I keep forgetting to give it a try.

  6. Well done, that is just gorgeous!

    Cheap and cheerful as the ladies say on BBC's "How Clean Is Your House?".

  7. Wow the cowl is lovely. I am always looking for non-chemical ways to clean. I will need to try the vinegar & baking soda trick next time our sink clogs.

  8. What a cute cowl. I kept hearing about pinterest but didn't know what it was. Thanks for including the link. :-)

  9. That is a neat looking cowl, I've never heard about that stitch before.

    We generally use lye and hot water to clear the drains as DH has it on hand for his soap making, but this sounds great and less caustic.

  10. Your cowl is gorgeous! I've never tried the flame stitch, but it is definitely beautiful. Another thing I haven't tried is Pinterest. I must be old or something.
    Yay for using green cleaners. I will try that combination next time I have a clog. Thanks for the tip!
    Have a great weekQ

  11. Un huh, that Q should be an !.
    I'm not used to this laptop.

  12. it's awesome as an oven cleaner too (baking soda, hand soap and white vinegar!).

  13. I love you cowl and your stitch pattern!! It looks complicated to me.

  14. That cowl is very pretty! Wonder whether you could use that stitch for a scarf? Interesting tip...., thanks!


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