Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My new baby

I brought home a new addition to our family today. A new baby to learn how to take care of. No, it's isn't a small person or animal. It's my new orchid:
I was supposed to pick out an orchid for my Valentine as my wonderful husband was not comfortable to do it on his own. At the time I didn't find one that I wanted, so I figured I'd wait. I kept looking, but still didn't find the right one. You can see why my husband was afraid to pick one out....I'm too darn picky!! Well, today I stopped at Trader Joe's and was pleasantly surprised when I found this orchid. It's a dendrobium orchid. This is my second orchid. The first one I had was a phalaenopsis. You probably remember Miss Pink. I managed not to kill Miss Pink and she bloomed a long time for me, giving me so much pleasure for a very long time. I do love orchids so much. Hope I have good luck with this one and  I don't kill it, at least not right away. Maybe my blogging friend, Dee, an orchid lover, will give me some tips. Check out the new orchid she got recently. She bought it in a store in Florida that caters just to orchids. There are no such stores around here in Massachusetts.

I picked this one because of the deep purple rose color even though there is only one bloom on the plant. There are lots of buds though.Ten buds. I love buds. I love watching them and waiting for them to open. Oh, my I do hope they all open.  It's not very big which is good.
Some of the big showy orchids are huge and top heavy. I like the smaller ones. I'm crossing my fingers and hope I can keep this beauty alive. Looking forward to watching the buds open.  How did I do, Dee?

Still working on my Holding Hands Baby blanket. Other than the orchid, not much is new :) happy knitting :)

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  1. You done GOOD! Your orchid is Dendrobium 'Burana' Pink. It's one of the easiest orchids that I have. The one I have blooms EVERY year.

    Keep it out of drafts to preserve those buds. Keep it watered where the orchid bark is damp, but not soaking wet after a day or so. I water mine twice a week, but if you have the heat on in your house, you might need to water a bit EVERY day.

    P.S. A draft can be the air stream from the heater too. If that hits the buds, they could dry up and fall off before they open. (Cooler is better --- orchids don't particularly like to be hot.)

    Good luck. She (he?) is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Beautiful. Does this "baby" have a name?

  3. The orchid really is a gorgeous flower!!

  4. How's Miss Pink doing? Nice that she has a friend now. :)

  5. It's beautiful. Trader Joe's, one of my favorite stores. :-)

  6. Your baby is a doll! I think she will be happy with you, too. Hope she does really well. (Surely, she's a girl with that beautiful blush.)

  7. I so admire people who can keep flowers blooming and healthy. It's not a knack I possess.

  8. I love flowers, but I can't grow them to save my life (or theirs).

    Thanks for the comment you made on my moving post. I hope things work out too, I just don't see how. I won't have full speed internet for a few days, so I'm up early enjoying the last of my bandwidth :)

  9. I think orchids are so very pretty! My husband is the orchid grower in this house hold and he tends them diligently. I love them, but if I were to take care of them they would soon be non-existent! I shall stick with tending kids :o)

    The one you chose is super pretty - good luck with it!

  10. Oh, how beautiful! I know you and your new baby will do fine :) It's nice that you have an orchid expert for a friend, too. Did you know that Raymond Burr (of Perry Mason fame) was an avid orchid grower/connoisseur?

  11. Nice! Good luck with it. I ust brought home one to nurse from DD's house. Am also starting "your" blanket and working my way up the seed stitch border!

  12. Beautiful. I love flowers, but am terrible with them indoors. I do fine outdoors; not sure why inside makes such a difference. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my ghan. I almost always crochet them together, but usually edge them first so was unsure how this last one would be without the edging. I sometimes whipstitch them together too. It gives a flatter join, but you have more ends to work with.


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