Saturday, February 04, 2012

A versatile cowl

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In need of a quick project after my long engagement with my circle cloth blanket, I found an easy cowl pattern on ravelry. I had fun knitting it in two colors -- knitting the wide ribbing with one color (light blue) for one row and the other color (navy) for two rows. I like the striped effect and it perks up an otherwise drab knit. l found upon trying on the cowl that it was pretty versatile. There are a number of ways you could wear it and I bet there are many more.
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I even tried out a new cast on that I found via Pinterest.
Source: via hakucho on Pinterest

It's called the Short Tail Cast on and it intrigued me. How often have you cast on using the long tail method and found that you under-estimated the amount of yarn you needed and found yourself starting all over again? Well, I thought this would be great, but I was slightly disapointed in finding that I now had 3 tails on my cast on edge:
Not good! I removed the knot at the end and wove all the ends in, but was not as thrilled with it as I had hoped. I'm sure it has it's merits, perhaps when you have an above average number of stitches to cast on.  I'm filing it away in the back of my mind AND I've pinned it on my pinboard so it's ready and waiting for the right moment :) Don't you just love Pinterest?

happy knitting :)

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  1. This is a great-looking cowl.

    When I notice that I probably did not estimate very well on the yarn needed to cast on, I switch the tails and continue. The switch is hardly noticeable. This trick usually works for me.

  2. I have not jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet but I have a feeling it won't be long before I do. I remember how when Ravelry first came out I said I didnt see the point of it. Yeah things certainly change.

  3. I DO love Pinterest. Would love to follow you there. Are you Hakucho? I'm DLKissinger.

    Love the cowl. You really have a two in one (and maybe more) there.

  4. Love the border on that cowl! Is it also long enough to cover your head in a pinch?

  5. Great cowl. I know what you mean about needing some instant gratification quick knits after a long slog of a project. I think I'm about to start out on a bunch of little things too!

  6. Beautiful cowl!! The striping effect looks great and I love how versatile it is :o)

  7. Pretty cowl and you used my favorite color family. You really have two cowls that way -- what a clever girl ;) I'll have to check out that short-tail cast on as I have had too little or too much yarn when using the long-tail method. I do love that method.
    Would you believe I have yet to check out Pinterest?! bye for now~

  8. p.s. I made one of your patterns: the ballband tp cover. It's so purdy!

  9. Hi there! Hope you're staying warm - we finally have winter temps here in Tenn.

    The cowl looks great! I like the colors.

    I bet I'm the only person in the US that hasn't been to pinterest. I've heard a lot about it on blogs...may have to cave and have a look. Have a great weekend!

  10. I like the striping on your cowl. short tail cast on? fancy! there's apparently a tool from nancy's knick knacks (?) that helps with guestimating how much yardage is needing for casting on. And to Magnolia, she isn't the only person that hasn't been on pinterest. ;)


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