Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm so excited....

On a quick trip to AC Moore I found Paton's classic merino on sale. Besides their usual assortment of solid colors and marls they had an array of handpainted looking varigated colorways. I visit AC Moore on a fairly regular basis and check out the yarn very carefully and I might add that I never saw these yarns before today. Lately they have been getting new yarns in stock. I had been looking at the varigated Lion wool and the new Caron varigated felting yarn which is actually roving. My sophie bag turn out so nice using the Paton's classic, I knew I couldn't resist. I've been wanting to do another felting project. In addition the fact that it was on sale was a plus. My heart started thumping and I knew I just has to purchase some. I bought four skeins. Hope it will be enough.
Choosing a colorway was really difficult! I felt myself navigating towards the blue shades, then the pink/browns and then I said to myself, "go ahead pick some thing a little different". What's nice about what I picked is that I think it will go with just about anything with the blue, brown, salmon and green. Can't wait to start my new felted project!

P.S. Looks like another trip to AC Moore. The skein second from the right, I think has a dye defect. Too bad I didn't notice it in the store. Hopefully they will have more of the same lot when I go back, minus the white. Keeping my fingers crossed til then!


  1. AC Moore is a chain of arts and craft stores that carry a wide assortment of yarn.


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