Saturday, August 12, 2006

Progress with my rag knitting experiment and a few other things

Slow, but steady I am progressing with cutting and knitting. I have been alternating between the two.

Today is my eldest son's twentieth birthday! I am having a hard time believing I have a twenty year old. On the day he was born my husband decided to go back to work because he was getting anxious waiting for me to be ready to go the hospital. The night before we were at the hospital, but they sent us back home because it was too early. I called my parents at the cape and they came to stay with me. By the afternoon the doctor's office called and asked how I was doing. Pretty much the same. They said I had better come into the office to get checked out. My mother drove me to Boston to the doctor's office. Well this time it was for real and they sent us over to the hospital. My mother was so nervous. She drove into the exit of the hospital and the security guard came over and said, sorry lady you can't come in this way! My mother responded...but my daughter is having a baby -- like I was the first person in the whole world to ever have done this. Later on that night I delivered a healthy 9 lb 6 1/2 oz. baby boy. This is one funny story I'll never forget!

Here is the picture of the birthday cake I made for him this year.
The cake is made with the wacky cake recipe (eggless and milk free) with a butter cream icing. This is the cake I always have to make for everyone's birthday except my husband who has to have a homemade apple pie for his.

Yesterday I also made a double batch of ginger snap cookies, another family favorite.
All in all ( I've been dying to use this boys are always using in their school work!)I've been pretty busy the past couple of days.

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