Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My rag rug is finished!

Last night I finished my rag rug, which probably could have been a bit bigger. What you see here is what you can make with one queen sized flannel sheet. I just didn't have it in me to cut more strips from another sheet and knit some more. It will have to do! I'm not sure if I'll ever make another one. I'll have to use it a few times to see how it works out. Probably it would not make a good by the back door rug because the dirt would fall through all the open holes of the knitting. I think it will be good for in front of the kitchen sink for water splashes. One thing I found out from the experiment is that flannel strips are not my first choice of fiber to knit with. I'm glad I tried and it makes me appreciate other yarns. Now a bag of outgrown tee-shirts wait in my closet for me to try the calamari knitting, which is cutting the shirts up in thin rings, slip knotting them together and then kniting the loops into a rug or mat. I'm in no hurry to try, so it can just wait until I get the urge to make another rug.....and then by then I should have even more outgrown shirts of a greater color assortment, right?

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  1. I have made the rug from t-shirts and it came out well. I would send a picture but I gave it as a gift. I took several of my granddaughter's outgrown knit tops and used one of the wheel cutters and it was easy and very cute. This way she has a memory rug from clothing she outgrew.


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