Sunday, August 06, 2006

Seal Tour

While we were vacationing on Cape Cod we went on a seal tour by boat. It was fun! The weather was a little dubious last Friday, but we went ahead and took a chance. There were many gray seals to be seen.
The boat took us along the coastline of Chatham, Massachusetts, near Monomoy Island and along the National Sea Shore.
They were watching us just as we were watching them. There are about 2000 seals in the water off Chatham according to our tour guide.
There were many beautiful homes along the water as well.

Here you can see some male seals. They are called "horseheads" because of their profile coming out of the water. The males are also darker in color. The females are lighter and have spots.
I'm not sure what kind of birds these are. It was fun to watch them swallow pretty good sized fish whole. It was disapointing not to get a picture of them fishing and eating.

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