Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mason Dixon Ball Band Mop Cover!

This was my project for the weekend: to try and make myself a knitted mop cover. I was inspired by Mandy (Green Mountain Mama) with her knitted swiffer cover and thought I might like to give it a try. I don't have a swiffer, but I do have a scotch brite mop, which when I put an old towel on it, the towel always falls off. The wet pads that you can buy for this kind of mop can be quite pricey and sometimes they make my floors sticky. I thought to myself how can I make a cover that will be hard to come off? I really like the colorful ball band dishcloth pattern, so I definitely wanted to use that part. Here's what I came up with: a fitted cover that slips on and then can be tied with a drawstring. What I ended up with looks like a sweater or soaker for a mop! I think this will be wonderful to use for damp (and even dry) mopping my floors as well as soaking up those nasty milk spills, then just toss into the washing machine. What could be easier? Now I have no excuse not to mop!




  1. Wow - this is AWESOME - will you be sharing (or selling!) the pattern?

  2. Looks great!! If you wouldn't mind sharing the pattern I KNOW my Mom would love me to make her some!!

  3. Far too pretty to mop with! I'd love a copy of the pattern too if you're making them available to us!

  4. I'll be happy to post my pattern the first chance I get :)

  5. This is just so cool! What a great idea. As soon as you post the pattern I am going to make a bunch. This would be a great kitchen shower present along with a mop.

  6. Add me to the "want a pattern" list. I was so upset that Green Mountain Mama didn't share her pattern, but I think yours is WAY better! I'm sure it'll stay on a lot better when wet. :) yay!


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