Sunday, September 03, 2006

Swish with a Twist

Swish with a twist from Creative Knitting Magazine is my first dishcloth I have made since I joined dishcloth fun kal. The only reason I made the cloth so fast is that I brought it with me for the drive and wait to move my son back to college yesterday. The pattern is a fun and a different type than the Mason - Dixon ballband and the garterlac because you do slip stitch twists which are like tiny cables. I enjoyed making it except I had a casualty, one of my beloved cable needles is lost in my car for eternity. There is no way to get that needle out with out taking my car apart. I definitely don't recommend this project for the car! One thing I did find out is that it is really not necessary to have the second cable needle because the one single slip stitch is so big that it just hangs out in front while it waits to be picked up.

After we moved my son into his dorm, I convinced my husband to check out Walmart and AC Moore in Dartmouth for yarn. I was hoping this Walmart would have some different colorways in their peaches and cream one pound cones. No such luck, so we moved on to AC Moore. I scored two one pound packages of 100% cotton mill ends. It was the first time my husband joined me in one of my yarn purchasing maneuvers. Even though I didn't bring my coupon from home, we both were able to use the store's 50% off coupon each to buy the yarn. I think AC Moore is very commendable for giving us the coupons. The final cost was only $5.oo for both packages. Here's a picture of what we bought:
Something happened yesterday that really made me know I was addicted to knitting not that I didn't already know I was. After cooking something in my old black cast iron fry pan I was distracted and inadvertently left the gas on under the pan with a plastic spatular resting there. Needless to say the smell alerted me to what I had done. At first I was terribly worried about ruining the pan which was handed down from my grandmother, then I burst into uncontrollable laughter for when I picked the spatular up there were all these tiny plastic fibers and my first thought was I can knit that! See for yourself and I'll leave you with that thought!
P.S. Does anyone out there know how to remove the plastic film that is left in my pan? I was thinking scrubbing it with steel wool and then re-season. What do you think?


  1. I imagine that would work, but since I have a superstitious fear of scrubbing off my cast iron pan's patina, I might start by heating the pan and trying to scrape off the film with a metal spatula. Then if I didn't think I got it all, I would scour and re-season.

    (Actually, *first* I would try to convince myself that in our chemical-loaded culture a little extra plastic won't do any harm... but I don't think I'd succeed!)

  2. Thanks, Danielle, for your helpful suggestion.The main reason I like cast iron is no teflon chemicals being released when I cook, now if I don't get the film completely off who knows what the danger will be....

    Knitting's less dangerous ???
    Happy Knitting :)

  3. Very pretty dishcloth--I have lost a few cable needles travel knitting myself. Hope your pan gets better!

  4. I would hate to have to live with plastic on my pan, too! You might want to try burning the pan, either in a fire if you have a fireplace (but use a poker or tongs to move it around so it doesn't crack) or run it through your oven's self-cleaning mode. Either way may burn off the residue and then you can re-season the pan.


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