Thursday, September 28, 2006

Prayer Shawl Progress

Our Prayer Shawl group meets next Monday evening, so it got me to think about the status of my knitting. The two mint green baby prayer blankets were finished, but they needed their little gold crosses sewn on. This I did as you can see. They are ready. The yarn I used was Lion Brand Pound of Love. They are very soft and you can't beat the price of the yarn. The one skein was enough for these two blankets with some leftover. I will combine all my left overs and make some striped ones later. The pattern I used is really a dishcloth pattern only made bigger. This is basically the pattern I used, except I used a thinner yarn. This pattern calls for homespun. The blanket I made is small, about 36 inches across if you hold it corner to corner. Just the right size for our minister to wrap the baby being baptized. Every baby baptized in our church now receives one. The prayer blanket makes a nice keepsake.

Edited May 10, 2007: I have had a couple comments wanting to know the needle size I used for the baby prayer blanket. I used size 10 and kept on increasing until I had 129 stitches on the needles then began my decreases. This makes about a 36" square blanket. One skein of pound of love makes two blankets of this size.
This is the prayer shawl that I am currently working on. This is made with Lion Brand Homespun. I am almost through my first of three skeins of yarn. The pattern is basically knit 3, purl 3 and the the next row and subsequent rows, you purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stiches. For more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry check out Janet Bristow's website. There you will find out all about the ministry and there are patterns posted. It is truly amazing the comfort a shawl can bring to those in need of comfort!


  1. Did you do the cross embroidery? It is a sweet addition.

  2. Actually the crosses are Wrights appliques that I purchased at Walmart.

  3. Love the blankets. What size needles did you use with the LB Pound of Love yarn? I like that you knit them to 36 inch size. That's a good lapghan size also, I think.

  4. I also want to know what size needles you use. I really like the way it looks and with the way babies are being born in our neighborhood I might be able to keep up.

  5. I love that mint baby blanket!


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