Sunday, September 24, 2006

More gifted dishcloths

I made another daisy scrubbie, "swish with a twist" and garterlac dishcloths to add to the two ball bands that I previously made. They all went into a gift bag with a bottle of dish detergent and a small bottle of hand lotion. They are a little wedding remembrance for my friend's daughter who is getting married. We are not invited to the wedding but I wanted to give her a little something. We have know her almost her whole life. I brought the gift package to her today and she was thrilled with it and the colors were perfect. I had taken a chance on the colors and it worked out after all.

Next I'll give you a little update on the Harvest Festival. We make 50 pies Friday morning and we sold every one. The weather was not so good, light rain off and on, but it didn't stop people from buying the baked goods. We made over $700.00 dollars. Isn't that great. Just about every family donated a baked good. The coffee rings I made were sold very quickly. Next time I'll have to try and make more than two. We had 50 bountiful baskets. They make $1900.00. They had all sizes of baskets from large ones with twin mountain bikes (gently used) to small candy baskets. My "joyful dishwashing"basket went for $15.00. Despite the weather it really was a sucessful fair. They won't have the final totals until next weekend, but everyone seemed happy.

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